Evo Predictions (Everything in the apparent shadow of Marvel)

I just wanna hear some talk about EVO games that aren’t Marvel.

umthrfkr wins in everything.

hard to make predictions for any game besides marvel when we don’t know who from japan is coming

i predict the following:

-3s will be dominated by japs and boring as fuck again
-cvs2 will again be interesting
-mvc2 finals will be boring and played out
-st finals will be great (since Gian is coming, interesting to see who he will face off against)
-virtual fighter 5 will be the sleeper hit of the event and finals will be very entertaining
-rockefeller will get another chance on the mic and not suck balls
-viscant will still be gay
-mike chaos will not bring any chaos and people won’t even know who he is
-everyone will get drunk sunday night and more hilarity will ensue
-i will get a pimp suite and nobody is staying in my fucking room but me and girls

ill continue with more later.

Only the Chun-Li and Yun Japanese players are going to enter.

We will see lots of short, shorts, supers and entire super arts will be parried.

That sure didn’t happen last year. US likes 3S wayyyy too much to not donate money to Japanese.