Evo Predictions (MVC2 only)


Who will win WC vs. EC?

Who will win singles?

Who will win yipes vs soo?

DPC vs Jwong-low tier/smoothviper/xecutioner/etc?

will mike chaos bring “the chaos”?

fanatiq vs bill/deus?

fanatiq vs potter?

finesse vs crizzle?

who has the best iron man? (illan, phatoi, mitsu, killakelly, j360, david lee, mmds, bbhood, guywongsta, combofiend, finesse, etc)

mike chaos vs dsp?

anything else?

let’s hear your predictions!

  1. EC
  2. JWong
  3. Yipes
  4. EC
  5. No
  6. Fanatiq
  7. Potter
  8. Finesse
  9. Illan

Edit: If you are to add questions, add them in order.

  1. EC
  2. JWong
  3. Yipes
  4. EC
  5. No
  6. Fanatiq
  7. Potter
  8. Finesse
  9. Illan (Is mitsu not comming? his IM pretty damn good to)


Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3
Team 3

the end.

  1. fanatiq
  2. fanatiq
  3. fanatiq
  4. fanatiq
  5. fanatiq
  6. fanatiq
  7. fanatiq
  8. fanatiq
  9. fanatiq

  1. Potter
  2. Robust
  3. Picolo
  4. Petey Piff aka the young prince
  5. Kid Robot
  6. Pedro A.
  7. Pottachu
  8. Panford Pelly (the sanford of the west coast)
  9. Penghis Pong (the genghis of the west coast)

  1. dont know the official WC team yet…
  2. c. schmidt cuz everyone sleepin on him
  3. idk
  4. DPC!!!
  5. wtf? what kinda chaos? Sonic Chaos for DS?
  6. idk
  7. idk
  8. illan cuz his IM is nutz!! it’s like watchin a combovid yo!!!


Wow now you deserve props for that right there. The marvel scene is full of top players and what nots but the undiscovered ones like me need our attention. You admit that I’ll beat you first to 10 yet you’re willing to donate 300 bucks on this, all for the entertainment of on-lookers who get to watch my flashy magneto.

In affect you’re pretty much paying to see my magneto go all over the place seriously you are one of my coolest fans.


lol @ you thinking you’re a top player


I don’t play IM foreal and I haven’t since like 2002, so stop adding me to the IM list:annoy: :arazz: Those guys on that list play IM hardcore and have much better ones than I do now.

P.S. IM SUXORZ:wgrin:


IM list updated :slight_smile:


Daigo parries everything and wins.


Thank You:lovin:


1.Not until WC team is decided
4.DPC (IMO with all that shit talkin there should be no low tier stip)
5.No lol
9.Who cares but prob illan.


i hope every1 knows predictions can’t really be made that well in marvel lol…and if somebody was to predict, they’d be a fool to predict against jwong, and his croonies…they r all beasts now