Evo prep and UMVC3 Appreciation Thread


For those that have loved playing this game all the way through. For the 2 people that I know are out there past all that salt…this is for you.

We all know that UMVC3 is easily the most popular fighting game in the US and even has some international (notice I used this word as opposed to just Japan…there are other countries) support.

It’s also brought a ton of controversy about from Vanilla’s DHC glitch, 8 year old beating older people, and XF to Ultimate’s Astral Vision and TAC’s. Despite this people have still been captivated by it and has easily brought some of the most hype tournament play and stream video we’ve seen for a fighting game in a while IMO. A game that hype just to watch means it’s only gotta be more interesting to play to overcome so many variables at once so fast. So fast that people have decided to make the standard 3/5 for tournaments. Even the biggest tourney Evo will have 3/5 for quarter finals (top 128) all the way up until grand finals. You’ll have to have those quick fights in pools but after that the game will definitely grind.

I believe it’s truly about controlling a…


that makes it what it is for people. Offense and defense are both very powerful and they both can happen very fast. Not to mention the game just looks pretty. You can find a way to make a team tailored to your play style with the right assists and have a comfortable time. A lot of characters are very viable and if anything…new types of characters will be more viable with the TAC stuff we’re figuring out now.

It is pretty amazing that we survive the world we’re living in and maybe UMVC3 is just a video game presentation of that.

It creates so much back and forth in and out of the game (hell even Spain has gone back and forth with the game) that you can’t help.

Some of my personal favorite videos of UMVC3…






JOE/FRANK/COON win da big one




Evo hype from last year revisited.








Long story short…post up why you still love the game and what makes it hype for you.


It has Doctor Doom in it and he’s easy enough for me to play this time.


Awesome community

Amazing combos

Learning something new every time I play the game

and of course, Mike Ross fraudulence


Everytime I come up with something new in the training room and figure out different applications for it in a real match. There is a deeply satisfying feeling to it.
Also adding on layers and layers of strategy to something that initially starts out quite simple is just a wonderful feeling. Also this is the game that taught me how to play offensively across all fighting games and was an essential part of my overall fighting game growth. I love Marvel 3!


There’s never a dull moment when it comes to this game. Whether playing or watching, someone is always happening, from amazing victories to heartbreaking losses, hype-inducing combos to completely illogical drops. Your emotions run across that entire spectrum in barely 4 minutes, and I love every moment of it.

On top of that I get to talk to some of the funniest people on SRK while the craziness happens. What more can you ask for in a game?


Seriously I simply enjoy the energy and creativity behind high level comp especially when regional and personal rivalries help drive a tale to a good match. Final Round and since Shadowloo Showdown game has been looking amazing.


I’m not gonna lie, I think this game is garbage and I don’t like it all. But this thread is not for hate, it for appreciation! What I like about the game is it’s really popular. It’s a fighting game with a lot of people to play with and a lot of streams to watch. It has good graphics, good soundtrack and fun message board. And it’s always funny seeing top players get scrubbed out.


I like this game because when you devil trigger helm breaker heavy teloport with vergil, it replicates the game and that is sweet. I also lime that no matter how many times i play or watch a stream I still want more. Its suspenseful and addicting in a good way.


You read my mind.


I like how when you devil trigger helm breaker heavy teleport repeat with vergil it replicates his game . I also like that no matter how many times or how much i play or watch , I still want more. Its suspensful and addicting in a good way.


Its all about momentum man
Just NEVER let it go.
I love that about this game, and I believe that’s the main thing that connects it to its predecessor.
That and the salt…


I’ll read/watch your post later DJ, but ‘liked’ for Jamiroquai

What I love about the game? My favorite aspect would definitely have to be how there’s so much room creativity. There’s always new stuff being discovered, something that makes you go ‘what the fuck was that?!’ and has you running back to the lab to figure it out. Of course, sometimes you go WTF out of rage and disbelief, but that’s part of the fun… sort of.

And from a spectator’s standpoint, this game is hype as fuck. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that, lol


I dislike vanilla. It fucking sucked after about a month and it didn’t get any better, but I played it because I support versus series games and it was fun. I thought DHC glitches were retarded, Wolverine/Akuma were stupid, and the bitch was ridiculous. The only thing that vanilla did right was that there was more strategy and metagame to x-factor, other than, “last character, activate it and go nuts”.

Ultimate is still not good as your KOF or your Soul Calibur, etc. but I do in fact like Ultimate ALOT.

The game changes SOOOOOO much. Maybe its because of the, “random factor”, but I truely think its because there is so much tech in this game. At first, Wesker was the best, then all of a sudden, Zero comes in and wrecks shit, then Dormammu rules the world, then Spencer comes in, and now we see Viper doing work, and then Magneto starts fucking, then Morrigan is top tier and the best in the game, but then Vergil screams “FUCK YOU” and rapes for days on in. Then we see all this Japanese tech, Rocket Raccoon takes a major, Phoenix is still a bitch and on and on and on. The game just changes. We can’t make a fucking tier list for this game anymore. I tried and everybody rejects everybody elses tier list. Pretty ridiculous lol.

Anyway, the hype, the salt, the heartbreak, the community, its all in this game. And yes, its not a “good game”, but seriously, there really isn’t a good game out right now. Everything has its bullshit now. But UMVC3 has probably the hypest community in America right now and the second biggest behind AE. If you don’t like playing it, you like watching it. Everybody is involved with Marvel, even if you hate the game.

/Cee Dizzy’s post that don’t mean shit


I like this post. I never really considered “bullshit” as to whether or not a good is good. As long as a game gives you a lot of options I don’t really care how “bullshit” they are. Options are options regardless. The only games I don’t like are ones where you don’t get a lot of options in different situations. Maybe I’m just too old to care about stuff that’s BS aka too powerful.


I play marvel for the ladies


I like when Justin wins cause he is East Coast forever

I like when SmoothViper pops off, win or lose, cause he’s godlike.

I like when chris matrix says “Oooh!”

I like how Daigo fucking sucks at this game

I like TACs, and the removal of flyscreen bs


Justin is only EC when he wins. lmao


Just like Marlin Pie is only Japanese when he wins.


Kof p4u mbaacc ttt2 vf5fs ggacr

Marvel is the best CAPCOM game out right now and its a Shame tthe company isn’t standing behind it like it should be. AE will always be strong due to high levels of international competition but marvel will always be the most exciting and FUN…

As for sfxt…LOL?

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None of those games play similar at all. Arguing over ‘best’ fighters is as dumb as arguing ‘best’ food