EVO proves that SF can be a spectators game and can make anyone interested, even in t

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Since I don’t have money to my name, I could not go to EVO. Thankfully, by the graciousness of the srk staff, the streaming of the matches happened, and even those that were not there could feel the tension and electricity that was going down this past weekend.

During some parts of this past weekend, I wasn’t at home, but at a place with wifi, watching it on my laptop. My friends, who do not play street fighter AT ALL, saw me, thought I was crazy for watching a streamed tournament and thought nothing of it. Then they heard s-kill with the expert commentary. They saw the top level play. They heard the crowds in the background. They got caught up…in the hype.

We’ve heard people like djWheat or Gootecks spout stuff about spectating. But after this past weekend, it works. It gains interest. People who just didn’t know, now do. Better for the community, no?

Did any of you guys have moments like this?

Like I said in another thread…People who arent into fighter/games actually sat down and watched the finals or a portion of the EVO event.

Thats really interesting cuz you do not see people doing this for any other game or event like MLG.

My wife watched the HDR finals and SF4 finals with me, she was semi interested only because I was explaining what was going on during the match though.

its probably because fighting games are such simple games to understand at first glance - 2 people trying to knock each other out (with lifebars at the top clearly showing progress). theres nothing more you need to know to be entertained. someone is gonna win, and someone is gonna lose, and you are gonna get to find out who within a quick set of 3 rounds.

other genres require at least some idea of the gameplay system, game format, who is on which team, etc. you cant just tune in during the middle of a match and immediately start following like you can with fighting games.

great comentary like seth’s just makes it easier for the layman to eventually pick up game knowledge and strategy by watching, in addition to the hype it creates.

Personally I’d prefer SF steer away from trying to please spectators. Doesn’t really benefit the players at all to have them around.

Exposure is nice, but it means jack shit if no one is going to get good and actually play the game for more than a year on XBL.

Exposure means sponsors, that’s why it’s a good thing. If people actually like these games enough to WATCH it means organizations will be more willing to grant prizes to fighter events, etc.

I sat in the very back of the hall during the finals and even a janitor came in and started to get all into it

As communication (and gaming) technology gets better so does exposure/advertising for large events. Even if just 1 out of 100 scrubs get inspired to play beyond Live or PSN than it’s good for the community that both of those venues exist for the game. New competition is always exciting.

I personally thought that SFIV was boring to watch with very few exceptions. It seemed like there was only cheering when someone would win a match or if someone DIDN’T die from a combo that people thought would kill the character. That IMHO is lame. Comebacks are great/fun to see regardless of the game so I won’t even mention those.

SFIV is a lot easier to watch, compaired to, say: MvsC2, with all it’s flashing and crap happening all over the screen.

it’s always fun when some non players get caught in the middle of a tourney and wind up enjoying it… it makes the community grow by a nice slim percentile and we get a few new friends in the process…

How to make Street Fighter a spectator sport? drama and gambling.

Casuals don’t care for the game, but for the players. EC vs WC is a good start. Should make that the forefront of gaming. You could also add in the “Once friends now enemies saga” or “I once had chronic arthritis, but now I’m the best Street Fighter player”.

Then, EVO needs a gambling license…

last thing we need is EVO to turn into wwe

I agree. There are too many fans popping up, and not enough players.

Thats a good thing… people watch basketball doesnt mean they wanna slam dunk. Its better for the people that dedicate themselves to being better. They can make a living off of it and entertain the people that just want to watch. Everyone wins. I think Fighting games have much more potencial than FPS and Sports games in being commercially viable because they simply require less to follow. Depending on the game in this case SF4 when packaged properly with the amount of flare and showmanship possible people can easily enjoy and follow it.

Why watch someone play Madden on TV when you can watch your favorite team in real life. Why watch people shooting themselves running around on a map respawning and jumping around like fools.

Fighting games on the other hand on an expert level have the ability to really show someone has worked hard to Learn a specific combo or strategy making the impossible seem possible an example was the Sakura from the 5 on 5 that raped damn near everyone including socal team.

What’s wrong with WWE? That’s a multi-billion dollar company

While I agree with this I was most hype during the Marvel finals. the announcing was spot on and energetic and the fight was a lot fo fun to watch.

Built around fake competition, with over the top, unrealistic, drama.

I think that’s what he was referring to, and not the profit margin that the WWE has.

Well, EVO already has real competition, and real drama, now it just needs the profit margin.