EVO proves that SF can be a spectators game and can make anyone interested, even in t

I’d say i’d watch it, but i’ll most likely be at evo itself.
Was awesome.

Watching the live stream was a lot more exciting than I expected. I was sweating during the final matches!

“Scrubs keep the scene alive, not top players.” - Arturo Sanchez

I understand that a lot of people itt would be happy if the scene were nothing more than an IRC circlejerk, but I don’t think Evo would be.

Don’t top players keep the scene alive?

Are they destroying the scene now?

Top players drive competitive innovation, that much is obvious. But the people making those games (the people empowered to bug-fix or reversion iffy titles into solid titles for the benefit of the competitive crowd) care about the bottom line, and while repeat business from the tournament crowd (for the most part, a captive audience) is all well and good, it’s just nonsensical not to make at least some effort to bring in some new blood, if only to replace the old blood that inevitably dies off and keep the state of the industry and the scene stable.

I really want the community itself to grow, not the fan base. I would love it if the average person you play at Street Fighter 4 had a good understanding of the game and could actually play it.

Trying to dress up our sport into some drama might end up having certain players get pushed up due to crowd appeal or sexiness. We’ll see an onset of “broz” and “babes” for drama and ratings.

I still believe that the strength of EVO is the hype of the actual competition. If EVO or another tournament were to try to gain popularity towards a financial gain it would be through abusing the nature of spectators.

Spectators want flashy combos, comebacks, and a system that is easy for them to follow and understand. They would also like beer and women to be packaged up in case they dont understand what is going on and require a distraction.