Evo Question


Is Button mapping allowed in Evo for any events? SFIV, SFII HDR?


Yes. As long as it’s done through the game’s options, button remapping is legal.


thank god we dont have a faq or a hundred other threads that answer this question


Someone should make a thread called “Evo Noob Questions” or something.


Or people could be fucking reading the god damn website that’s been up forever. If you can’t read the rules on the site, you probably don’t even give a shit about the tournament.


Is mapping Ultras and throws allowed?. I assume yes as it is allowed by the games options. I ask this only because the arcade is only six buttons and i thought only punches and kicks could be re-mapped.

Would Evo then kinda be considered a console tournament, versus arcade ones? Do arcade tournament players have advantage over console players?