Evo Questions and Suggestions

Evo was great. I have some questions that havent exactly been answered aswell as some suggestions for next years evo.

  1. To the people that know, Is there a difference between CvS2 DC and Ps2, I know that they both can get linked up and play vs each other online, so it makes me think they are the same.

  2. How come we can not post semi final matches online, I saw no vcrs set up to record these matches. So even if they are on the dvd, will the semi final matches be taken from other people’s cameras? I want to see two of my matches(Vs lifetimeboy and Dan) from the semi finals day, but don’t want to violate any Evo 2004 dvd rules by asking for them.

  3. It was posted and said many many times, that one of the benefits of console is 2 out of 3 for whatever games. However, cvs2 did not get this treatment. I understand the lack of cvs2 discs, and time constraints. However, I was preparing for a very long time for a 2 out of 3 tournament. Rightfully, I feel that it was jacked how I had to play most of the tournament one game. Part of the problem here, is something that can’t really be controlled. I understand the use of official cvs2 discs and not burnt copies. In the US, cvs2 never came out for dc. A solution for this for next evo, is to use all ps2 cvs2s, granted that it is like the arcade.

  4. I agree with cole, I think top 8 should be reseted to a double elimination bracket. The people that made it to top 8 deserve to showcase their skills.

I dont want this to be a negative post, thank you very much for all srk staff in holding this event. EVO 2004! ITS MADNESS(voice cracks). Seth is the realest.

Yeah, If anyone has my matches I would love to see them:):):):slight_smile:

i couldnt agree more… even fuckin evo site said cvs2 would be 2/3… fucking booshit i tell you…

You guys turtle too much. :smiley:

so like… any comments towards any of the questions i brought up?

  1. How do you do the link up online features…i know that shit is hard…

  2. I think you should be able to post matches that are from quals and some of semi…and just a shit load of casual…and last but not least money matches.

3)I dont think the PS2 is like the arcade…just for the fact of the pixelation and that could fuck fith frames…it just looks shitty…in my opinion. Just make sure a solid supply of CvS2 dics for DC are there AND DC’s…this can happen im sure.

4)Top 8 double Elim would be the shit…lets see this happen…alot could change in that mix up.

Good seeing you at EVo Kim…your concerns are good questions…i hope my view is of use.


I have a comment. That’s messed up to not take Ohayo seriously.


yes, why exactly was cvs2 only 1 game? 2/3 was promised as a benefit of using consoles. i’m sure my random CC messups wouldn’t have happend two matches in a row and i could have done better, but i guess that’s in the past now.

but seriously, what happened to 2/3 in cvs2?

only 4 cvs2 disks.

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I have no idea. :slight_smile:

We don’t want too much high-quality (e.g. 2nd best in US vs 3rd best in Japan) footage leaking out before the DVD. If people have already seen 10 or 12 high-quality CvS2 matches, they may think that they’ve seen all there really is to see and may be less likely to buy the DVD.

You’re mostly correct. We did warn you that CvS2 may be 1 game, though:

Agreed. We may not be able to show all 14-15 matches in the Finals, but we can at least reset (and reseed) the bracket and play the first few matches immediately following the semi-finals.

i remember ALL 4 of my semi-final matches (against daniel tran, cole, henry cen, and fubarduck) were 1 game. what’s up with that?

i guess we can’t do much about it now unless improve upon it for next year, but it sucks that rules were made then not really followed.

funny thing is i saw a few people playing 2/3 in the semi finals when all my matches were 1 game.

come to think of it, i remember that too. i didn’t know if after a certain point people were switching to 2/3, but nothing seemed clear cut about it. for example, it wasn’t stated that top 32 or top 16 and on would be 2/3, it just started happening really randomly.

why were some games 2/3 and some weren’t, but they were ALL semi-finals matches, so they ALL should’ve been 2/3 right? i’m not trying to bitch or complain, i swear, i’m just wondering what happened.

  1. Cool, I understand. Did you guys record semi finals matches though? If not will permission be given to post them well after the dvd sales have gone through, and if you didn’t get footage from semi finals will you be asking for footage from others?

  2. I’ve been wondering for a while, if player entrances will be included. I would think they would be… however, I think there could be like uhh copyright rules or something with music being used for the intros or something.

  3. If cvs2 is at next years evolution, I will volunteer now to help out with brackets and organizing, and all that cvs2 disk collecting stuff. YEA cvs2 is a little longer then some games, but if the reason cvs2 community doesnt get 2 out of 3 is cause of not enough cvs2 disks. I will personally help gather them all together next year. Or go buy some or something.

  4. Release date on dvd?

  5. I suggest for team tournaments, next year to have them on same days as finals, kind of rotate the games around, so one group isnt so bored. Team tournaments DON’T have to be considered not serious tournaments, just people like to hide behind it. Entry fee could be an option. Or even possibly replacing a singles tournament?

  6. I dont know about how to fix any of the dreamcast blue screen stuff, but i bet you wakamatsu does :smiley:

-Kim :lp: , :mp: , :lp: , :lp: + :lk: , :hp:

I noticed this during the tournament, and the 2/3 matches were the ones to determine the qualifier (i.e. the final matches of the semis). I fully agree with making that match 2/3, as the pressure of knowing that you only have to beat that one last opponent in order to make top 8 is exponentially greater than the other matches.

  1. Yeah, how do you guys decide which non-final8 matches make it onto the dvd? Last year’s cvs2 dvd footage seemed to be lacking in terms of the quality of non-final8 matches. There was a strong focus of matches featuring the Japanese in pools/semis, and little of anything else. Most of the talked-about matches and crazy upsets (justin/choi, buk/arturo, ricky/cole, etc…) were absent. I’m guessing this was done to lure buyers with more Japanese footage, but honestly some of those matches weren’t even that good to watch. I suggest the SRK staff to initially create a list of potential matches (filter out unwanted crap) to make it on the dvd, and then have SRK members vote to see which ones make it? I’m not sure if that system would work well (what with people voting numerous times to get a friend’s vid up), but I guess it’s a little better than just a small group of people picking every single match?

  2. Yeah, the entrances were just as great (or even better) than last year’s and I noticed staff filming at different angles as people walked down the aisle. Does this mean SRK is working to put those into the dvd as well?

  3. Same with Kim… I’d be willing to help run brackets/pools etc… At least then I won’t get booted from the front rows because I was sitting there just because I knew some of the VIP’s :wink:

I have a suggestion for evo2k5. During the finals could the srk staff have ushers in the middle isle. I don’t know how many dumbass people walked in front of people camera’s that had set up before the tournament started so they would have a good spot to flim. Please try to have some kind of sitting arangement for next year. If people are lazy and don’t want to get a spot early and sit down and watch the finals for their favorite game then they should stay in the back of the room or on the sides. One guy knocked over someones camera that was sitting on a tripod. Luckly that guy was nice. If that was me I would have whooped his ass.

I have a couple of questions regarding the EVO.

1.) Are we playing on just Dreamcasts? I’ve noticed majority of the tournaments involve the use of it. No PS2’s? I only have PS2 equipment ( no more Dreamcast, long gone)
2.) Where exactly is it located? I"m from El Salvador and I want to show of my skills now that I’m here living in Virginia. ( I"m a top player)
3.) What do you win when you are announced the champion for the game you are competing in? I’m guessing money, but how much?
I would like to participate but my job( I"m a mechanic)keeps me occupied and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to go if it’s worth going.

  1. For '05 could Super Turbo be replaced by HSF:AC? Are there any problems with AC that would keep the Super Turbo tourney players from consenting to this? To the best of my knowledge the ST characters were ported over perfectly.

  2. Do you plan on having Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution at Evo '05?