EVO questions from a first time attendee


So this will be my first time attending EVO and I’m trying to do some research on to better prepare myself for this event. I’m really hoping I can get the following questions answered.

Where is the schedule for EVO?
I only found a basic schedule but I know there has to be more to it. Are they still preparing it or am I missing the link?

What activities (besides the main tournament) will there be at EVO?
I only have known EVO from watching it on Twitch. Do they also have things like vendors and panels?

If there are vendors there, is it better to pay by cash or debit/credit card (or does it even matter)?
I’ve been hearing a few grumblings about using a card at conventions (not just EVO). Are people being paranoid or is there some justification on being cautious in using a card to pay for something there?

Will we have free access to the internet at EVO?
I seriously doubt it, but I thought I would ask just in case. ^^

Can we bring outside food/alcohol to the LVH?
I’ve heard some hotels can by picky about this so I just want to know.

Are there other events happening after EVO is ‘done’ at 11pm?
The basic schedule says for each day (except Sunday) it finishes at 11pm, but can there be other things happening after that?

That’s all I can think of for now. Really looking forward to my first EVO experience.


This will be my third year at EVO. Here’s what I do know for sure:

-The final schedules are still being prepared, and are usually revealed in full about a week beforehand. I’m guessing that they are mostly waiting on the last minute signups and confirmation for any panels that may be there.

  • In addition to the panels, there are usually always vendors present. Who and what depends on the particular sponsor. Madcatz and Brokentier are always around, and Capcom had some stuff for sale too, I believe. However, there are some local game stores and artists who drop by too. I don’t know if they are cash only, but I for one just consider it easier and safer to bring cash. Your mileage may vary.

-There’s always plenty to do outside of the main tournaments. Major studios usually have a presence at EVO if there is a big game coming out soon. Killer Instinct had several demo setups last year when Glacius was announced, and they already announced they will be back this year to show off TJ Combo. Also, while nothing has officially been confirmed yet, I would be really surprised if Netherrealm didn’t bring the E3 build of Mortal Kombat X to show as well. And this isn’t even factoring in the indy game showcase, art show, and whatever else they decide to do last minute.

-There is almost never free internet at big Vegas hotels like this, unfortunately. Those of us staying at the LVH will likely all need to adjust accordingly if we don’t want to pony up the extra $15.

-Technically, the policy is that outside food and drinks are not allowed…but that doesn’t seem to stop people from loading up their backpacks and purses and smuggling stuff into the hall. However, they always have some food vendors very close by. Last year they were right in the hall itself! Either way, food isn’t usually an issue when you need it. It’s also another reason why I suggest bringing cash, if possible.

-Post-EVO stuff depends on what you’re into. While there is nothing “official” going on after that, some people with setups will host casuals in thier rooms. Others will go to one of the many casinos or wander the strip. Or, if you’re me, your jet lag kicks in and you fall asleep like a wuss. Whatever you want to do, this is still Las Vegas. If it’s legal, you can find a way to do it in this town whenever you want, 24/7.

-One last tip: download the Guidebook app, and get the guide for EVO 2014 when it’s available. It comes loaded with maps of the entire layout of the convention halls, locations of local restaurants and bars, and even lets you look up your times and locations for your tournament pools! It makes planning your weekend WAY easier, and spares you a lot of confusion your first time out. The guide usually drops around when pool placements are finalized. Check out the app itself here: https://guidebook.com/