EVO questions

So im new to the fighting game tournament scene but me and a group of friends want to go to evo some of us are actually good so I was wondering do you have to qualify for evo or can you sign up there. Also what happens if the fight stick you have is for the wrong system.

You do not have to qualify to sign up at Evo. However, if you place in the top 16 in a Road to Evo event you are awarded Seeding points that help you with bracket placement.

Evo is run on the PS3. If you have an arcade stick for Xbox 360, consider looking into getting it dual modded or finding a converter (if it’s not a TE).

I’m not really sure about it but I think you have to sign up before and for sticks if you have a ps3 then your good to go but if you have 360 sticks you have to either get your hands on one or hopefully someone will be nice to you and let you borrow one over there

Thanks for the quick responses. I noticed you said unless its a te so if I have a te I am fine or do I need to buy a ps3 one?

I don’t think theres good converters for the TE’s just yet but if you have the cash dual mod it or get a ps3 one

Cool thanks