Evo questions

Can anyone here give me a list of the winners of all the MVC2-Evo tourneys.
The top 5 MVC2-EVO players + the mvc2 teams they used. Thanks.

MvC2 Evolution Winners:

2000: Duc Do
2001: Justin Wong
2002: Justin Wong
2003: Justin Wong
2004: Justin Wong
2005: Duc Do

I’m not sure about the other stuff, I’m certain that someone else can provide the information.

Thanks. was msp the champion team from 2k1-2k4?

I believe 03 justin used played row

Ok, thanks. but can someone give me the list of the teams that won the other evo tourney’s? I also would like the list of the runner ups; from 2nd to 5-th place +the teams they used.

I’m pretty sure that Duc used Spiral/Cable/Sent both years. I think the first time Justin won he used Magneto/Cable/Cammy. I’m not sure what team(s) he used after that. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

2000 - 2001 does not count, as the tournament was called B4 and B5, respectively.

The ones that I know of.

2002 = Justin with Storm/Sent/Cyc
2003 = Justin with Row
2004 = Justin with Sent/Storm/CC
2005 = Duc Do with Spiral/Cable/Sent

Didn’t Duc play Spiral/Cable/Cyke at first?

2000 (B4)

1 - Duc - Spiral/Cable/Cyc
2 - Valle - Strider/Doom/something?
3 - Image - Mg/Cable/something?

2001 (B5)

1 - Justin - Storm/Sent/Cammy
2 - Duc - Spiral/Cable/Sent


1 - Justin - Sent/Storm/Cyc
2 - Row - Sent/Storm/Cyc
(at least for the finals)


1 - Justin - Mag/Cable/Sent
2 - Ricky - MSP


1 - Justin: Sent/Storm/Capcom
2 - David Lee: Row, Storm/Sent/Cable, Mag/Cable/Doom
3 - X: Sent/Storm/Capcom


1 - Duc: Spiral/Cable/Sent, Spiral/Sent/Capcom
2 - Yipes: MSP, Sent/Storm/Capcom?
3 - Potter: Storm/Sent/Cable?
4 - Justin: MSP, Cable/Sent/Capcom, Sent/Storm/Capcom

That’s all I can remember

I think that’s right, I’m pretty sure MSP never got first.

Thank you so much. But if it’s cool, can you give me the 5 winners? I’ve been convinced over a certain argument i’ve read rescently involving the tier system + the top teams… and well, i would want to know how well teams that had ironman, tron, cycke, and psy did in the evos. You see, some guy is arguing that sent, storm, cable, mags, capcom, psylocke, tron, IM, cyke, and spiral make up the top tier. he provided a very good argument to back him up by saying that these are the charcters used in high level play (he says high level play = top tier); he also comments that doom, bh and strider are no longer in the top due to the fact that well cap, psy, and tron are more seen in the high parts in tourney’s. I don’t disagree with him, nor do i agree with him; i like his argument. So some info on how those characters perform in tourney’s would be very nice.

thanks guys.

I thinks its the assists more than there actual fighting ability that lands them spots on teams.

yes sir

invincible assist is SICK!!!

What? Justin came 4th? :wow: That’s crazy.

lil behind…

I don’t remember anything else. Maybe if you e-mail administrators you can find more info.

What I did once was to count the most played characters at ECC 9 top 8. Since then, torneys seem to fall on the same patterns. By frequency of use by the champions /top 8, I think you can rank:

1 - Sentinel
2 - Storm
3 - Magneto
4 - Capcom
5 - Psylocke

6 - Cable

7 - Cyclops

The others are all player specific. You can see Blackheart and Doom pretty often, but only Doom is played by top players every now and then. Strider only by Clockwork (not sure if Ec players use it in tourneys), Ironman only by Combofiend and SBCDyn, nobody uses Tron when it counts (unless they aren’t top players to begin with), Spiral works only for Duc.

But this is all counting recent tourneys only. The only thing I totally disagree with your friend is about Tron vs Doom. Doom made Evo finals in 2004 and is always popping yup at big tourneys. Tron almost never does that (I can’t recall). That’s what I think it happens. Not necesarily the truth since I don’t have all the facts.

kai and spider-dan also play strider. Tron teams lose to runaway teams alot of the time. Unless your a rushdown master which means your prob playing psylocke anyway.