Evo questions

How far away from the screen do you have to be? I have eye problems.

What do you win?

I see diego played sitting on the floor with his controller on the ground. If i’m using a Hrap 3 sa do you pros suggest I learn to play with it on the floor, my lap or on a table/desk? Idk if I could sit on the ground without everything falling asleep but if thats best i’ll learn.

Do you think a 40" Tv is good to practice on or should I use a 23"

You choose your distance, as long as your not like, 20 feet away xD

Play however you feel is comfortable for you. I play on lap myself.

Thanks for the quick reply, it wont be 20 feet away for sure :slight_smile:

I’ll start off on with it on my lap I’m about to order my stick in an hour = excitment!

23" cool I hear thats the size of the Evo screens I can get a 23 for cheap.

What about the prizes though? What do you win at evo a trophie? Cash? or fame?

Cash, among other things, can’t recall if there was a trophie this year, I’d imagine so.
I ear the best part of going is just being there and chilling with everyne.
It’s the main reason I’m going 2010.

An Evo Championship trophie would be pretty sweet. I’m going to go for Tekken 6.

i wanna go so bad next year, but i dont know if ill have the money saved for it…:lame:

Who’s Deigo and why is this thread here?

I have a question about Evo.

I remember that only PS3 was used last year. I own a 360 and all my controllers and sticks are for the 360, does that mean I will have to buy a PS3 stick and not bring my Xbox stuff?

My magic 8 ball says YES.

Get someone to dual mod your stick. Everyone knows that Sony is the standard for Evo tournaments since there’s a lot of yearly Evo goers that have PS1 sticks that are easily converted with a cheap 10-15 dollar PS3 converter. Especially considering the only way to convert a PS1/2 stick to a 360 is to buy an extensive adapter which requires a wired controller connected to the converter like something out of Star Trek it’s just overly cumbersome.

A lot of the newer players getting into the scene like yourself don’t have custom ps1 sticks made for yourselves already so yeah that puts you at a disadvantage but it’s better than putting all of the regular going Evo players at a disadvantage. I would say your best bet is to see if you can mail your stick to someone who knows how to dual mod sticks and get that out of the way before Evo. I have a custom PS1 stick that I’ve been using at Evo since 2k6 but I still went out of the way to spend money to get a PS3/360 dual mod stick that has an RJ45 adapter to allow me to play on virtually any system. Mainly because I had a 360 at the time and wanted to be able to practice SFIV at the house. My local tourneys also played SFIV on 360. I also had a little bit of extra money to spend but yeah. Otherwise I would have just brought my old school stick.

Since you’re basically at a disadvantage being a newer Evo goer I would suggest getting your shit dual modded ASAP. It’ll save you about 70 or so dollars off the cost of buying a PS3 stick. The next best option from there would probably be to find a cheap deal on a PS1/2 HRAP online and then just buy an inpin converter.

quick noob question: am I allowed to use a ps3 dualshock wireless controller at EvO as long as it’s connected to a usb?

As long as it’s connected to the PS3 via USB…you cannot use controllers wirelessly.


I have a question about evo, on the rules it says you can use d-pads but cant use wireless controllers or arcade sticks. Does this mean you cant use the street fighter 4 fightpads?

The above post basically answeres that question…

Again…as long as you can connect the controller wired to the console, you are okay.
You cannot use any controller/stick wirelessly.

I am planning on trying to make it too evo for the first time. As I’m reading this I realized I’m going to be one of those newbies that needs too get the ps mod for my fightstick controller too work. Also was wondering where could I find info on the rules of the tourney, cost for entrance fee? Pay for each game you enter in? I truthfully have no idea I’ll keep reading. Thx.


Go to that site, subscribe to the RSS feed. Or visit there every now and then. Everything about every game, how much it costs to enter, EVERYTHING, will be there.
Stay tuned to the front page of SRK for updates too. I would tell you to use RSS but it’s broken right now.

I’ll tell you though; the earlier you register for EVO, the cheaper it is and the more time you have to work out difficulties.

ok thx I’m looking into it now.

Does any one know if they will have super smash bros.brawl at evo this year?

I remember last year Brawl was’t even on the roster of games until maybe a month before. And it wasn’t even ran by the evo staff. It was done by all is brawl. So maybe check to see if All is Brawl is planning to do it again. Or maybe the srk staff decides it’s good enough to be mentioned as a evo game this year.

Where can I register for EVO? (Not the hotel)