Evo questions

You can’t yet.

I’m curious since super will most likely be out by then, I’m just assuming it will replace 4 correct? Or will there possibly be separate tournaments for each? I’m just curious cause when super comes out, my intention is to main cody, but I’m thinking maybe if it’s only out like a few weeks before evo, I might just stick to what I know for now and not fully do the switch until after evo. But if there’s separate tournaments for each, maybe I’ll go for both.

Co-sign. Will there be both SF4 and SSF4 tournament at EVO this year?

You can put money on it being SSF4. They will not run both at once, there might be a SF4 side tourney still though (there’s a side tourney for everything I swear).

the fight pads

Im still confused someone just say yes or no on the fightpads at evo

Yes, fightpads are allowed AS LONG AS it is connected via wired connection. If your fightpad can only operate wirelessly and can’t be connected with a wire then no.

So does this mean I can bring along my wireless PS3 pad and use it with the USB charging cable?

yes it does.

Are wireless controllers really allowed on the floor? Even if you connect a Dualshock 3 directly to the console for match, that means that someone is walking around with a controller that can be used to interrupt matches later, doesn’t it?

Look at the [media=youtube]dAsUqN1KPjw&fmt=18&#t=1m50s"[/media]…someone in the audience had a Sixaxis controller and hit the home button during the final match on purpose. If you ban wireless controller from the main floor it would prevent issues like this.

Wireless controllers/pads/sticks were not allowed in official/side tournaments duting Evo2K9…I’m sure it will stay that way for this year’s Evo.

EVO TV’s/Displays

What TV’s/displays does EVO use for games on the PS3? I know MVC2 and Brawl need CRT’s because of the lag.

I ask because I’m trying to upgrade my computer monitor to one that has the least amount of lag. Should I consider just using a LED TV as my computer screen instead? Should I get an LCD monitor or wait for the LED models that are coming out this year?

If anything, I can still use my CRT for PS3 games, but they just look like crap on that display.

I was thinking about this one because of the low price and response time. Does anyone have any personal experience with this monitor? Does anyone have any recommendations?

The one you linked is the one Evo uses

Also, go to the tech talk forums and find out that the ‘response time’ listing on a TV is not the same thing as the lag between your input and when it happens on screen.

Thanks for all the help! I’m glad I came across a good model that also just happened to be standard for EVO games. lols. :wgrin:

They are unfortunately. The PS3 pad even when it’s plugged in via USB stays on after you unplug it doesn’t it?

Yep. All the USB link really does is provide power to the controller and sync it to that console. So someone could use one, walk away from their match, and then interrupt a later match, as was shown in that video.

Are we allowed to assign ps3 controllers with say x3 p to one button or x3 k to another? SF4 allows you to configure it this way to your pad, but just wanted to know if it’s allowed. Many thanks!

I wouldn’t see why not since its kinda hard to hit all 3 punches/kicks on a pad at the same time. But i think anything else like throws and FAs aren’t allowed

ugh again

? where do you get a wired ps3 fightpad, you cant connect the usb cables from the ps3 to stf4 fightpads

Is this the official evo question thread? Can anyone tell me if BYOC will be closing at 9pm every night again? That really caught us off-guard last year, and made running side tournaments a lot more of a headache.

(Really hopes CvS2 gets voted in so this is a non-issue :sweat:)