EVO Raps

we gonna be able to download that rap over cody’s theme?

if you didn’t catch it the first time, you are fucked

lol, i rather liked the mvc2 one

they were all good.
well done red rapper!

i saw it thats why i want it

Must download it! It’ll be my new ringtone.

The intro to the Super4 song was long and awkward as hell.

“What about Guile’s theme? I hear that goes with everything!”

Well played, my good man.

The raps were annoying and sucked.

heard tupoc was in the building dropping lines and fucking dimes

Intro was awful agreed. Great song though.

They shoulda shortened the intro by about 30 minutes. They were just standing around awkward for way too long.

that fat guy was redrapper? i always thought he was a white dude

i think the raps were pretty funny, the last one was pretty epic with ssf4 images and everything.

do want.

So I’m not alone in thinking that…phew…

I’m sorry but I thought the raps were pure garbage. I would’ve liked to see some electric guitar jams though with some raspy lyrics…

yeah the only bad part of the last song was the fucking long ass intro. get on with it, you are an actor, not a rapper. also “it was tuesday” had me rollin.

I was almost shouting at my screen…“CODY’S THEME! CODY’S THEME!”

I’m personally happy to finally see someone rap over that track.

The stream monsters went BERSERK with the rap, especially the HDR intro which level up failed miserably to put up (no news here) and it kept repeating the first 2 sentences and then cutting to the evo logo. having the guy repeatedly say “I GOT 3 ATTACKS AND 4 BUTTONS”. :rofl:

The amount of memes that can be made from that is unbelievable.

Other than that the cody theme’s rap was amazing

Someone uploaded the cody song part =) I really liked it.