EVO Reg question

Aright I’m already regged for EVO East. I’m playing in Third Strike, so I paid the 20 + 10. My buddy is tagging along but is not going to play any tournaments. Hes just coming to booze and watch some sick ass gaming. Does he need to register and pay the $20 or is that just for people who want to participate in the tournament? Like you pay 20 bucks for the privilege of being able to pay 10 bucks to register for the tournaments vs 20 bucks to come to EVO, then 10 bucks per game after that. Thanks ahead of time.

EDIT: This is going to sound asinine, but my hotel staying experience is limited (read: non existant). The $105 special fee is per night, yes?so for Friday night and Saturday night we are talkin $210. Confirm/Deny.

confirm on price of hotel… if my crew doesnt get a room within the next few days i’m willing to split a room wit u.

Plan on spending more than $210. Hotel taxes and fees are pretty steep. You’re looking at closer to $300, most likely.

Haha dude, if that site in your sig is your fucking site I would be thrilled to chill with you for the weekend. I have never gotten to play a really good Yun player, or a good Yun player for that matter, or that many good players for that matter. Problem is, I assume there are only two beds to a room and me and my buddy are already splitting a room. But god damn I want to play you. We’ll have to arrange to meet at some point. I’ll keep in touch.

Anyone have an answer for my question concerning my non-tournament participating buddy? Does he need to pay the $20 online reg or can he just show up and hang out? I assume the latter, but better safe than sorry.

I’m pretty sure he can get in for free. Last year me and my buddies were at EVO world and we just chilled at the BYOC area or just watched the big screen matches.

Yes that is my site/blog… but i warn you i’m still working on my game but i am working on everything daily… mixups, combos, etc.

i don’t mind taking the floor with a sleeping bag if it comes down to it… but if your buddy is also staying i expect to pay less than 1/2 of the hotel fee. I’d expect to pay like 75-100 total for the room if that was the case.

And your buddy won’t be paying an entry fee if he is just going to play casuals i beleive… just can’t be in tournements.

Regardless, we can arrange to play. I’ll PM you my cell # and you can just give me a buzz some time while 3s tourny isn’t going on.

Also i need to break my stick in, i just fixed a stick that broke before i even got to use it for a week. Should be a kara fiend again by evo east.

Fair is fair dude, I wouldn’t dream of charging you more than a third of the cost. I’ll run it by my friend and see whats up.

Oh, and I play on a PS2 pad, so no pressure. Don’t underestimate though, I got that shit figured out pretty well.

no biggie, if you want i can try and teach you w/e you need to know/learn… i might not be the best player but my execution is close to flawless IMO and i can teach you well enough even using a pad (minus kara palms and other dumb shit like kara DP)

i’ll let you know the situation for room by next wednesday when i talk to my local crew.

Don’t forget you have two days to get the 105$ rate.

So i suggest jumping all over that ASAP.

Yeah I fuck around with a bunch of characters, even though i mainly use Ken and Ryu. I can do all Yun’s Genei Jin shit, sans kara palms, but besides that my only problem is starting the juggle from the middle of the screen once I cancel a connected jab shoulder roll. The corner stuff is mindless. I can do all Urien’s combos, just cant do the dash forward headbutts. Who else do I use…well anyone can use Chun, I mess around with Makoto and Akuma. I know what every character CAN do, you won’t have to teach me anything. I just don’t have any practice playing AGAINST it, so thats what I’m looking forward to. You know any other good players who are showing up? I should just make a checklist of the characters in the game and try to find top level players at the tourney.

People i know personally.

Chun: Justin Wong, Smooth Car, Echoes Of Pain
Ken: Smooth Cat, DXP
Yun: Nestor
Yang: Kofiend
Akuma: Paul Wall
Makoto: Ill_will, eric kim (don’t really know him too well)
Urien: J Juice
Remy: DaRage
Dudley: j juice, Da rage
Ryu: flash g
Q: RPD Rookie
Hugo: Sidewinder, orochi hades, henry cen