Evo Regional Qualifier Spots Question

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered in another thread. I’m hoping that someone from Evo staff could please shed some light on this for the community.

According to evo2k.com, Evo South got 4 slots, Evo East gets 8 slots and Evo North gets 8 slots as well. That means that either Evo West gets 4 slots or 8 slots.

If Evo West gets 8 slots, that is 28 pre-qualified slots going into the 32 man semi-final bracket at Evo World. That leaves only 4 spots left for people to qualify at Evo World, meaning that either there will be only 4 pools, or maybe if there are 8 pools, then there will be an 8 man tournament between the winners of the pools for the remaining 4 slots. Am I on the right track here?

If Evo West gets 4 slots instead of 8, then that leaves 8 slots for people at Evo World to qualify with, meaning that if there were 8 pools, the winner of each pool gets into the top 32 semi-final bracket.

Which one is it? Or am I totally off base here? If I recall correctly, last year top 8 from Evo West and East made it into the top 32 bracket at Evo world, and there were 16 from the pools. It was the top 2 players from each pool that made it in. To cut it down to 8 is pretty tough, but cutting it down to 4 is just insane.

I’m pretty sure that cutting it down to 4 is not that way it’s going to be, so that means that the west coast only gets 4 slots, whereas Evo North gets 8?? Can someone please shed some light on this for me? Thanks in advance!

Some players from Hawaii is most likely going to northern quals this year. We’d like to know this info as soon as possible. Tickets need to be bought right away if we want prices that all of us can afford.

final round x got the other 4 spots from evo south because both were majors on the same weekend

So that means that is 32 slots altogether right? That means that the winners from each qualifier get into a 64 man bracket, right? So how is it going to work at Evo World? Is it top 2 from each pool like last year, top 4?

noob question :slight_smile: jk

actually this is an interesting question, we all know that there are 8 spots from each “region” this year, but nobody (including evo staff) has discussed how the spots from EVO world will factor in. I haven’t seen it stated anywhere how many spots there will be from EVO world, or how big the final brackets will be. I mean, unless they get 32 spots from EVO world (which obviously won’t happen) then the final bracket is going to be very lopsided and full of byes…

Why can’t they have 32 people qualify from pools at Evo World?

Well last year gave byes to the top 4 placers from east and west, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again.

32 people total from qualifiers
and if they did it the same as last year, 16 people total from worlds.

That would only fit in a 64 man bracket, so 16 people should get byes, meaning the top 4 players from each region (maybe top 2 from south and FRX since they are merged).

Of course this is speculation, I’m curious as well as to how the EVO staff will run it this year.

So it sounds to me like qualifying in your region gets you into the 64 man bracket, NOT the 32 like last year. So if 16 people from Evo World qualify, then that’s 48 people and 16 byes, with the byes probably going to top 4 from east, west and north, and top 2 from south and top 2 from final round. So that means that this year, qualifying in your region “buys” you less than it did last year. Which I guess is really here nor there, just wanted to find out exactly what the plan is.

the bottom 4 from each regional start off one round behind the top 4 winners. I believe its the top winner from each pool at evo finals goes on, and the top losers from each of the same pools. So it would be a top 64 bracket, where 32 spots go to evo quals and 32 from quals at worlds.

another noob question

what if someone qualifies in two regions, just for the sake of wanting to win more cash?

what happens to their spot–do they give it to someone, or does it go to the runner up?

the qualifer gets the higher seed, and the other spot gets forfeited.

so let’s say bustin bong goes and qualifies 1st place at marvel at every evo satellite tournie…

he has the potential to create 3 byes for other players in the final bracket? and will he get to see the bracket and choose which seed he takes?

seems like there might be quite a few holes in the bracket

(no i don’t think i’m going to qualify in multiple tournies, or even one, but i am just curious)

so if it’s like that then, does that mean there’s 16 pools (less likely) or 8 pools where the top 4 advance? Because the way EVO was ran last year only 16 people advance. Is that a change this year?

Hey I qualified @ evo south if I go to evo west and north and dont make qualifiers do I automatically forfeit the spot I won @ evo south.

you keep any spots that you earned. IF you happen to make top 8 at north or west you get 1 of the 2 spots at worlds. If you don’t make top 8, you still have the spot you earned at south.