Evo Registration and Seeding By Zipcode


Evo Registration is now open!


For those of you who are coming with friends from your area, and dont want to play each other at Evo first round, you need to register with the same zip code. We seed by zip, so everyone who you play against regularly should use the same number. Please remember, 92806 and 92805 are not the same and would possibly make you play each other first round!


People from the same country (but different zips) are alredy put on different brackets right?


hey this will be my first year at evo and ive never been in a tournament before. my flight gets to vegas at like 11 am or something on that friday the 6th when the tournament starts. i really wana enter the umvc3 tournament will i be too late or should i go ahead and register?? how can i get more info on this?


First change ur flight…Its a 3 day tournament Friday Saturday and Sunday
Pools are on friday…So if you are in a early pool like 8 am then ur screwed …No you cannot request a late pool…I really advise you do that BEFORE registering


What about Canadians who don’t have zipcodes? How are they seeded regionally?

Instead of Zipcode we have to enter Country… Surely Canadians aren’t just all grouped together into one region, right?


Well if you are grouped as one region, it should ensure that you don’t play any or many Canadians.


Post the tournament schedule already!! registration ended like 4 days ago!


When the schedule is posted it will list the time our pool starts playing, correct?


Check the front page.


The brackets up are up, but it looks like the pool search page was taken down pretty quickly. Do we have an estimated time for when we will be able to search for our pools again?


wait wait. looking at the brackets now but i dont really know what these letters and numbers mean A1, A2, A3… also how do i find out when i play and ALSO does this mean mvc3 doesnt even start till saturday?


Welp, this is the second year in a row that I’m in the same pool as my local players.

Canadian region seeding is weak. :sad:


aww shiettttt I’m in a pool with my friend, is it possible to get that changed?!