Evo Registration Live!

Head on over to www.evo2k.com/register to secure you spot for this epic event.

Just a reminder, registration is MANDATORY. Deadline to register is July 12th.

Make sure to register for a hotel room as well, as they are going fast. We have an incredible rate this year, so get to it!

EVO Hotel Registration Page

dumb question, but let’s say you have no team mate for Third Strike and a few other people don’t either then will they be randomly paired or do you need a teammate beforehand?

brb finding a greyhound bus

It’s insanely ridiculous that a 3rd strike team costs $100. I think I’ll just be a spectator. I expect the supposedly included t-shirt to look painfully simple/inexpensive with some letters and numbers on it, no actual character art. Definitely far from worth it for somebody as new as me with such a small chance of winning, especially if I can watch every competition without paying.

my bad. it’s a ridiculous $60 per person for 3s meaning $120 for a 3s team.

3 questions on spectating:

  1. can I enter the floor at the same time as everyone else and stay until the end of each night?

  2. can I play people who want to play just for fun if I bring a stick?

  3. can I buy things from anybody selling anything if I’m interested?

What in the world are you talking about? Registration is $10 a person for every game.

He’s talking about the $30 “entry fee” and then the $20 per person 3s registration.

So that’s $50+ for one person, and $50+ for the other.

Im sorry if it wasn’t crystal clear. Only the team captain has to pay the entry fee. He is paying for the whole team, now when you find a teammate, you can have them pay you half of the entry fee however you see fit. The other team member must still register to pay the cover, but can select zero games if they dont want to play anything else.

I seriously want to go to Evo, but I’m finding it hard to pay off the expenses. The combined costs for flight, room, registration, and spending cash can end up somewhere upwards of $600-800. I don’t have that kind of money laying around, and it would take about 2 months to raise that up, and by then the prices may be even higher than they are now.

Wait I’m confused. So you have to register to get into Evo even if you’re not competing?

No you dont, spectating, and using the BYOC room is free.

Ok, thanks for answering my stupid question, haha.

Could you say that in numbers please? Does it mean one person pays $50 and the other pays $30 (or $40 and $40 from each one) if you buy early?

leady: you and your teammate both pay the registration fee each(30 per person), then its 10 bucks for each player on the team. so, you alone, spend 40 bucks, and your friend spends 40 bucks. 3s just says 20 dollar entry cuz its 2 people.

only one of you need to actually sign up for 3s tho and pay the 20 bucks for that specific game. so if your buddy signs up for 3s and pays 50bux. you just pay 30 bucks for the initial registration, and just give your buddy 10 bucks.

keep in mind. the 30 bucks is a one time fee. after that one time fee, its only 10 bucks a game after

it has begun.

Sweet, I’m pre-regged and ready to go…

same thing I said, but thnx.

Maybe this time ill make it to my marvel pools !

Just to make sure I’m not misunderstanding so I don’t end up screwing myself over later, if I’m not entering any of the games that are listed on evo2k.com but a side tournament such as BlazBlue there’s no reason for me to register, correct?