EVO Reminder: Wireless PS3 Stock and Wireless joysticks are banned


(taken from MrWizard’s post at TestYourMight.com)


(taken from TestYourMight.com)


Technical solution?

Please note I’m not trying to pick a quarrel as there’s little to no chance that I’ll be attending and I play with USB-sticks anyway.

I was just wondering if a simple technical solution for unpairing wireless controllers from the tournament machines wouldn’t be to have an extra ps3 around that participants were required to pair their wireless controllers with after each official match? I assume that such a “washing machine” wouldn’t even have to be connected to a display.

I have no idea how easy that would be to enforce at the actual event though.


how about this

i wont be going but i do hope to go some day and i despise sticks.

when they register you give them a sticker to put on there controller

then when calling for there match you give them there controller and when they come report they turn in the controller

any way just my 2cents and i hope yall figgure somthing out so i can look forward to going some time and not having to be gimped by what controller im forced to use.


I don’t see the problem in using Dualshock 2s. They aren’t really that different from a DS3 except for the triggers (which is actually a plus for DS2s since the L2/R2 triggers only need a quick tap to input).


The triggers on the Dualshock 2 are better for fighters than the DS3s anyway. The joysticks on the DS3 are better than on the DS2s, but in fighting games you will not need them anyway since it’s all about the pad. I have two inpin adapters and there is virtually no lag with them at all. They’re great for fighting games, XIM, and even DDR! :smiley:


Sort of a pain in the ass but not the end of the world. I don’t know why we couldn’t just open the stick and remove the batteries. Or jesus fucking christ, maybe once you win or lose you push the the controller PS button and select “turn off controller”. Whatever I’ve never been to Evo and I only just got a PS3 for evo. But this verdict seems kind of silly ultimately. I do not know what my controller will be in the end.


Thing is, if you bump the home button and the controller is still synced to another console, you could accidentally cause interference if you are in range. Maybe keeping the batteries unplugged would be a viable solution, but perhaps Evo’s organizers don’t feel like everyone can be trusted to keep their batteries unplugged.


People suck and this is by far the best option for EVO to select.


Just remove the 5 screws and it comes off the board. Hardly seems like a hard thing to undertake.

Pretty easy to check if someones controller has had the pack removed. Its lighter and pushing the PS button shows its dead when unplugged.