Evo Report

Well I just got back to Nor-Cal after an 8 hour car ride and I couldn’t wait to share the hype I felt at EVO this year. But first I’ll go over how I did.

Pool P

Winner’s Round 1
Me vs Claw
Seemed like a pretty average Vega player, definitely not a scrub, but II didn’t feel he knew the match up as well as I did. He didn’t utilize his pokes enough and once I got him down it was pretty easy to punish his back-flips away. He started to block on knockdown later on, but that’s what we want. :wink:

I won 2-0

Winner’s Round 2
Me vs Clockw0rk (Guy)
This was a match I dreaded looking at the pool I was in. I know that he is one of the best MVC2 players in the world and even though this wasn’t his game… things like that tend to carry over. He knew the match up well enough to consistently stuff Lariat with jump in light kick and of course Guy’s elbow. In an early round the jump in light kick took me off guard and he was able to dish out some serious damage. My cr. MP kept him at bay and once I punished the dash -> overhead a couple of times with SPD I didn’t see that again. I got a lucky guess on his wakeup by predicting a back-dash and throwing out a regular GH for a knockdown. I pulled off two Ultras in one round to bring it into game three. By then I felt like I could win by playing more offensive, because although his offense was amazing his defense seemed to be average.

I won 2-1

Winner’s Round 3
Me vs another Gief
I feel very comfortable with the mirror match and I always try and exploit things that I know about Gief that I am not sure my opponent does. Such as Body Splash on wakeup to stuff lariat, back dash on my wakeup to avoid jumping headbutt/SPD and then returning an SPD of my own, and back dashing in the middle of my block string to bait an SPD. Most tricks worked and so I tried to abuse it. He ended up using EX GH on wakeup just to get away from my mix ups. He was a good Gief, but just wasn’t as familiar with the match up as I was.

I won 2-0

Winner’s Round 4
Me vs Honda (good friend of Mr. SNK)
So, Mr. SNK is standing behind him giving him tips of how to beat me in between rounds… >< but It was more of an honor then something to be mad about. The guy had a solid Honda and it is a semi-tough match for Gief. I ended up pushing him into the corner with pokes and made him wary of using his neutral jump FP with Sweep. st light kick works great against Honda. Also, I short jump/fake cross-up Body Splash to keep him in the corner a couple of times and it seemed extra ambiguous against Honda. Head butt got him out a few times and I ended up taking the lariet guess once or twice, because of how many things it beats. It went to game three were he had a big life lead and I went for my first ever GH-> Ultra which I think took him off guard, because I don’t think I even used GH outside of a combo until that point. Then I got a lucky Knees->RBG ftw.

I won 2-1

Winner’s Round 5
Me vs. Yugi (Sagat)
This guy flew out with a team from French Gianna and all of my buddies where telling me how disappointed they would be if I lost to the French :smiley: then he picked Sagat…
Luckily for me I have played some good Sagats and had some experience. Yugi on the other hand was very in control until I got in. He just couldn’t seem to get me off of him and he felt like a very good offensive Sagat (had intricate combos, big damage, good tiger knee usage), but didn’t zone as well as the best and wasn’t the best guesser.

I won 2-0

Winner’s Finals Pool P
Me vs Floe (Sagat)
This one was streamed. Basically everything that Yugi lacked that I was able to exploit, Floe had to tea. Also, I noticed that Floe wasn’t even holding his arcade stick for much of the match (during the zoning). Instead he literally just pressed buttons as baits and pokes and then his hand would fly down to his stick at the last second to input a needed command (SRK, TK, TS). It confused the hell out of me. lol

Floe won 2-0

Loser’s Finals Pool P
Me vs Online Tony (Seth)

Online Tony won 2-0

My final record 5-2

All in all it was a great trip and I did a little better than I expected. The hype was amazing and watching Vangief live against Justin was unbelievable. USA was being chanted throughout the finals and yet deep down a lot of people were rooting for Adon. Ricky O did a great job representing America, the West Coast, and Nor-Cal. :wink:

Letting me use my wireless Madcatz controller!
Daigo for winning.
Vangief for teaching us all a thing or two about how awful Gief is in this game. lol
SnakeEyes for winning HDR with the Gief.

That stupid decision to not restart the round for Sanford. (why did they have to play from a paused position?)
Sanford for not button checking.
Mike Ross for not recognizing the OS SRK that Adon was doing to him on wake up and getting SRK’d 3 times in a row… lol (props for pulling it out though)

awesome dude glade you did pretty good you played some of the best players tword the end…do you have a youtube page so i can check out your stuff

Actually I don’t have any recorded, but the live stream game against Floe should be up somewhere. I do have some online videos on my replay channel for XBL under Clutch Active.