Evo Results

I dunno if it’s just because I’m tired, or what, but I’m not seeing a thread with the EVO East results. If there’s already something up, can someone link me to it? I’m interested in seeing how everyone did.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
1st: DSP (Connecticut)
2nd: S-Kill (Chicago)
3rd: OSK (NYC)
4th: Henry Cen (NYC)
5th: John Rambo (Connecticut), TechMonkey (NYC)
7th: Justin Wong (NYC), NKI (Missouri)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
1st: Justin Wong (NYC) $721
2nd: Exodus (VA/MD) $206
3rd: HoldDat (NYC) $103
4th: Paul Wall(Massachusetts)
5th: Jiggabry(Ontario, Candada), JJucie
7th: AneurysmX(Toronto, Canada), SmoothCat(Massachusetts)

Super Smash Brothers Melee
1st: Mew2King (New Jersey)
2nd: PC Chris (NYC)
3rd: Cactuar (Philadelphia)
4th: Cort (Connecticut)
5th: Chu (Mayland), Forward (Arizona)
7th: Inui (New Jersey), Dave (New Jersey)

Tekken 5 DR
1st: Sanford (NYC / Philadelphia)
2nd: Grimy Grizzly
3rd: Mojo
4th: Liquid
5th: The Game (NYC), Da Law (NYC)
7th: Madd Ocx, Spero Gin

Capcom vs Snk 2
1st: Sage (Massachusetts)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Sabin (NYC)
4th: Sanford (NYC)
5th: Jal (Cali), Biggzy
7th: Paul Wall, Tony B

Guilty Gear XX Teams
1st: Team Chaz (Chaz, Andrew, Flash)
2nd: Team Marlin (Damian, Jamie, Marlin)
3rd: Steve Harrison (No teammates needed)
4th: Team Josh (Shibuya, Tony B, NerdJosh)
5th: Team Lincoln (Lincoln, ??, Charles)
5th: Team Eli (Girlbitch Buri, Shazay, Mamation)

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st: Sanford (NYC / Philadelphia)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Chunk (California)
4th: Demon Hyo (Philadelphia)
5th: Yipes (NYC), SmoothViper (NYC)
7th: Infinite (NYC), Pigadoken (California)

Ah, thanks. I appreciate it.

Oh shit sanfooord gonna take it !