EVO room question

Is it possible to stay the entire weekend at EVO and just slum the whole time without booking a room? either without a room at all, or are there a good amount of people there willing to let me crash?

lol. it’s possible. sleep behind closed places or in abandoned places and beg for money for food n stuff.

lol, well i was planning on bringing money for food and stuff :P. i don’t know anyone else that’s going to be going with me that i could split a room with, and if i flew in thursday, and left monday, i would need a room for Th(50) Fri(85) Sat(85) Sun(85) which comes out to 305, and roundtrip is roughly 300 as well

Just to correct you: Sunday night is 50$ not 85$

First Evo for me, so here’s my question: how long should I book the hotel for? Should I check out Sunday, or does Evo run long enough that I should stay Sunday night as well and leave Monday?

Note: flying to/from Philly

Last year the MVC2 finals finished around what? 11;30pm or something?

You’re much better off leaving Monday.