Evo rules *no wirless controllers* question

I wasnt exactly sure where to post this but my question is
evo rules states no wirless controllers
I want to enter evo for umvc3 (all matches will be played on ps3’s) I also play on a ps3 pad, if i bring a usb wire (therefore not wirless?) is this allowed?

is anyone else in the same problem? help is appreciated thank you

Nope. When you plug in your ps3 pad, it’ll sync up with that PS3. After that, YOU will be able to control the console and potentially mess up someone’s game if you decide to hit the Home/Guide button (amongst other things). “But I wouldn’t do that! I swear! I’ll turn off the controller after!” will always lead into “oops, someone bumped into my controller and turned things on/off”.

Your best bet, find a Playstation 2/DualShock 2 controller and get a PS2 > PS3 usb convertor. There are threads in the stickies that cover this and which convertors are recommended. Good luck.

connecting a DS3 to the PS3 does not make it wired, you’ll need a dedicated wired controller.

wow i cant bellieve this, im sure they must be a whole lot of other ps3 pad players. do they actual have to resort to ps2 controllers+ converts? man now i gotta break in another pad X.X

however i do understand why it just sucks

I already saw pad players messing up things pressing home button.
Here in Brazil with a lot of pad players, the rule is to ALWAYS turn off your controller.
But we never had a problem about something messing other people game.

The PS3 controller retains the connection between itself and the PS3 it was paired with, and that leads to potential complications if someone were to turn on the controller again by accident during someone else’s match.

More details:

Moving this to the evo section.

On last tournament here in Brazil (Revox) it happened 2~3 times.
The only reason we don’t ban them yet is because we can’t, the public we would loss would be huge.
A tournament like EVO can afford that because thousands of players will go there anyway.


And I was only seeing by stream, so the only time that I saw that happening was in the Inf. fight against Breno.
But I totally agree with it.
BUT, in EVO MK tournament the number of people using wireless controller is HUGE.
The rule have different assets by game?

What about HitBox arcade sticks?

As long as it’s wired, you can use even a guitar hero controller to play

As long as it’s wired, you can use even a guitar hero controller to play

Cool. Thanks.

You are incorrect. Those mods are not legal either. See the stickied thread atop the Evo forum.