EVO Running ST on PC/Laptops

After seeing that CCC2 ST is not accurate at all… how bad will be to get some ST cartridges and play on an emulator at EVO? it wouldn’t be illegal as you own the games and converters shouldn’t be a big problem… what do you guys think??

I don’t think current hardware/software copyright laws allows you to use emulators and game roms in public.

But when I was in japan I passed by an arcade with weird cabinets with like 200 old games to choose from and SSF2 was one the games listed…but SSF2 could have gone public domain by now in Japan.

i know emulators are ilegals but if EVO staff can get the some cartridges its like they own the game and can use the emus right?? or am i missing the point?? :confused:

AFAIK it’s only legal to own a ROM if you back the origional cartridge you own. Downloading a ROM + owning the cartridge isn’t the same. Can’t they just use a supergun?

cuz EVO is a console tournament :wonder: … i see, but hey maybe somebody here in the forums con make the ROM form the cartridges… :woot:

Owning a game doesn’t make using the rom legal. In general, you need the permission of the copyright holder for that, and the exceptions aren’t really things you’ll run into in daily personal use.

oh well looks that this won’t work… awaits for ST HD Remix

If what the wiki says is correct, the DC version should be used. Evo still uses DC’s for Marvel, why not ST?

If STHD is no good, I say we just go back to the DC version.

I think that they are going to say eff it to the OG ST in favor of the rebalanced versoin.

Right on! The DC is the most fun ST of the bunch. The ability to configure the game’s aesthetics and tweak gameplay is excellent.
Heck, the DC is the most fun system since the NES.

I’d build a supergun. That’s the best option.

we need the the guy from australia in here he know whats going on. sorry dood for not knowing your name. me = :sad:

I’m not sure a rebalanced ST will catch on. ST is already a pretty balanced game. Really comes down to understanding your match up.

If that Japanese don’t touch it then DC will probably become the standard.

As if anyone will listen, but the HSF2 capkore version is currently the best to play ST atm. It fixes alot of things from HSF2, including O.Sagat and Vega. Just ignore all the ww/ce/hf/ssf2 characters.

Only problems your left with are that ST characters can’t tech O.ST characters (selected by hold start when selecting ssf2 mode) throws. And a few reversal supers that shouldn’t be there(also present in DC version though), but i think you can get rid of these too if you hold start whilst selecting ST mode. Plus you don’t get the funny visual effect of smaller sprites the DC version gives off.

so is the DC version in a collection or something cause ive never even heard of it

was this game released in Japan only for DC??? never seen an american release


I seen that auction to. I’m pretty sure that copy for sale is a bootleg copy.

Edit: Yes it was only released in Japan

hahahah You should see arcades in Mexico!!!

Thats funny because i live in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico where
corruption is practicaly mainstream and NOT greasing cops when you get pulled over is almost illegal, the arcades here are just about completely full of those 200+ game cabinets except for the sit down type driving games and the dance dance type machines!!!

I actually Miss playing on the original cabinets with just ONE game in them!!

You should play on an actual arcade machine.

One more thing i forgot to mention.

Tthe arcade cabinets here only cost 1 peso to play, wich is the equivalent of 10 cents in the United States so you get more bang for your buck!!!

Guess its kind of a trade situation, fake machines for less money, or pesos in this case!!!

Its funny cause i think they run on Mame!!!
The start up menu is a list of all the games and when you place the cursor over the name of a
game it runs a little preview sorta like attract mode!!!

I actually wouldnt mind owning one of theses!!!