EVO sale! SF+Blazblue Triumvir shirts, EVO 2K7/2K8 DVD's, DOA Hori EX2

Trying to sell some stuff I no longer need in order to raise some extra funds to get to EVO. All prices include shipping to the continental US. PayPal only. Also if your going to be at EVO we can arrange for an exchange there and I’ll take a couple bucks off the listed price. I will also take a couple bucks off the listed price if you buy more then 1 item. Will put up some pics as soon as I can get my hands on a camera.
Various Triumvir SF and Blazblue shirts. All of them all still sealed and 2XL. Asking for $23 for each of them. Pics of the shirts can be found on Triumvir3.com. Note All the SF shirts are from the original drops, not the 2010 collection.
-White Sagat-SOLD
-White Shadaloo Crime Syndicate
-Red Ragna-SOLD
-Black Akuma-SOLD
-Black Bosozoku
-White Rachel-SOLD
-White Arakune
-Black Dhalsim-SOLD
-Black Fei-Long
New Sealed EVO 2K7/2K8 DVD’s(Both Disks)-$30 for each set or $55 for both sets.SOLD
Hori DOA EX2-$23(Buttons are worn and the cord is damaged at the base, the case however is in good condition and it is still functional. It should only be bought by people who are looking for the case and/or PCB)

Bump.Price drop

pics of shirts? lol

I’m guessing you want to see the BlazBlue t-shirts.
Because all the Street Fighter ones can be seen in the Webstore.

pplcallmeGOD, did you lose weight?
You bought the Grab Bags in Large right?

How come you haven’t posted pictures of Grab Bag?

Yeah I bought these shirts when I was like 236 back when they first dropped. Now Im 205 so I sized down quite a bit. My camera broke so I can’t post any pictures of my grab bags. If anything I will post the pictures up on the hypebeast thread since I need vietngo to help me identify some pieces.

Bump Blazblue LE price drop.

nice shirts

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Bump. New items listed.

I’ll take the 2XL Ragna one at EVO. Come by the Mad Catz booth and I’ll get ya some $$.

PM sent to MarkMan.

PM sent for the Rachel shirt

PM sent to Dintrao.

First post updated. Also to all people
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