EVO Salty Suite 2012: Where was it held? videos?



I was at EVo and I couldnt find the salty suite room, where was it held? ANyone have any videos?


A few guys from my city said they went to the one with ryan hart and zak bennet… i saw vids on youtube with jago,knives,marlinpie and some others.


so there was more than one suite?? Where they in the rooms next to the EVO ballroom? was private invitation i guess?


Yeah it’s invite only, I’m pretty sure the pro’s only want top talent in their rooms. I think that there’s usually more than one Salty Suite, really anyone can place that name on a hotel room and have Money Matches as long as they have well known players in there. Here’s the video I was talking about


Room 882 saw guys like Ryan Hart, Zak Bennett, Latif, F-Word, Online Tony all doing their thing. It was tons of fun to hang out with those guys.


I don’t think that was EVO. I think that was CEO. Knives was in my room during Evo and no one had a “suite” per se, but used the regular rooms and just had top gatherings. 882 was a bigger room but was for KOF and SF4, no mvc3. It was 3 doors down from me.


Oh my bad :frowning:


I could be wrong though. I am just guessing since the video says CEO 2012 on the bottom


i had a couple of setups on my room at caesar’s and a few people showed up(the guy in the cap. america costume too), Comboman recorded a few matches with his camera http://www.youtube.com/user/Comboman70
i also streamed http://www.twitch.tv/lamg_/b/324080411
i crashed in a chair like one hour in


It was held in Canada.

http://www.youtube.com/user/bksamq/videos?query=“salty suite”


They had one marvel station on Saturday night. Zak was taking all the American money. :stuck_out_tongue:


Canada Cup was 90 pct SF4 and lets be honest almost no one cares about SF4 Salty Suite. Not to mention it was a shit stream for reasons really they could not help.