Evo Schedule


CvS2 finalists get fucked but at least we don’t start till 6 on friday

but hey at least cvs is still here this year!

here’s to me finding a way to evo!

i know i’ll do it

edit: its not like i’ll be in the finals anyways ha ha!

sounds mutha fucking good :smiley:

Bang the Machine screening Sat night sounds beastly. I’ll probably stick around for that.

3rd Strike on Friday sucks cuz I like to procrastinate Friday instead of having to worry about a tournament. Since CVS2 starts Friday also I guess I’ll go ahead and throw some money in that considering I don’t make it to semi finals in 3S or something else really dissapointing like that. Either that or look for a side Guilty Gear or VF5 tourney or something. Well…I’m in Vegas so I’ll probably just head out and do something else once I get my ass kicked.

Texas Hold 'Em ftw! :smile:

We gon’ look for some underage girls and teach them how to DP.





It’s a McRib eating contest with Mr Wizard. Winner wins a Yaris.

Do they still have McRibs? Those things are hella good. I’d battle Wiz in a McRib eating contest…

I second this option.

I haven’t had a McRib in so long…I know I would fail that contest horribly. I’d be too busy finally enjoying the taste of another one to really down them. Probably one of the few things McDonalds had that I really liked. They still have them in North Carolina apparently.

The younger they are…the easier it is to teach them. I know u were lookin for me last year Sanchez…lemme know wut u look like or something so we can meet up this year. I look like a black guy.

double penetrate? :confused:

Yeah, that helps.:rofl:

Can’t wait to watch the ending of BTM again.

is there a player list out yet? Of who the people who have registered? as of now?

Check the Evo website and you’ll find the answer. If you have any question about whether something is available…evo2k.com will let you know. If it’s there…it’s there. If it’s not…yeah. At some point before Evo there’s always a list of players.

What is a good time to come in on Thurs night to make sure our registration is good to go and get our badges/pools assignments?

We usually start setting up at 4-5p or whenever all the equipment gets here. Once things are settled and the staff area is setup, we open the doors to you maniacs around 8p. That’s when I’ll be frantically trying to get all the info needed to you guys!

the hall will not be open on thursday for any game playing of any kind.

Copy that Shin, thanks for the info.

Yes, as we do every year, and as Joey mentioned, we only open the doors so you can get your assignments/badges. There will be no game playing.