Evo Secret Cup for ST - nominate

DreamTR and myself have a list of over 150 ST greats!!!

We need your nominees to condense this list in time for the ESC!!!

Who deserves the 24?

Let us know!

NKI, get at me if you can

apoc, rising from his grave!!!

wonder if im on that list =D prolly not

the hero returns


I’ll do you a favor and clean up your post lol Looks like you were a little too excited

Cant wait to see this.

Could you maybe post up the full list that you and Dream compiled? For me at least, it would be easier to whittle that down to 24, rather than trying to come up with 24 off the top of my head. I don’t want to forget anyone.


Apoc and DreamTR (since it was their idea, and they are legends in their own right)
John Choi
Jason Cole
David Sirlin
Mike Watson

So it’s really about whittling it down to 18.

My puny nominations?

Alex Valle and Seth Killian

wouldn’t 24 be a weird number for a tourny? why not 16 or 32? :confused:

is this a 90s list or something? Thanks for the consideration though. =)

Valle should be a given.

i vote for xbox pad antonio

… im not kidding

It does have to be 16, 32, 64 if you are talking perfect brackets…unless you are doing round robin madness!

Yes. Now somebody go find Jeff Schaeffer.

Justin Wong, DSP, Afro Legends!!


A. Wolfe
G. Wolfe
Jason Nelson
Seth Killian
Jumpsuit Jesse
Bob Painter (Kurropi)
Dark Gaiden
James Chen

Yes, I left off a grip of people, as well as old school legends like Osaki. Just going off the top of my head real quick of people who still play the game in some form or fashion and go to tournaments. Plus the OP asked for 24 players. :looney:


Most notably…ME!!! j/k

Sweet list, only one problem, why are you on it? teehee! I kid, I kid!

Yeah, I would have to nominate r3ko on that list as well since clearly he’s one of Europe’s best in ST (going by BoD results).

i would nominate damdai and nohoho on that list as well but they arent going to evo this year I dont think. I don’t think DSP is going either. Are the Japanese getting in on this as well?

either way, its gonna be interesting as fuck. GGPO/2DF definetely saved sf2 thats for damn sure. lots of new blood who are at least decent or og’s who play other games (and play ST now that they have comp)

Is this strictly USA?

Hmm my nominees (USA) would have to be in no particular order (sorry if it doesn’t fill the 24)

This is also going by tournaments in the recent years of people who still play or else I would add Tomo and Jeff (don’t know who is going to evo either).

  1. Alex Valle
  2. John Choi
  3. Afrolegends
  4. Apoc
  5. Bob Painter
  6. Seth Killian
  7. David Sirlin
  8. Jason Nelson
  9. NKI
  10. Graham Wolfe
  11. Alex Wolfe
  12. Jason Cole
  13. DreamTR
  14. James Chen
  15. Shirts
  16. DSP
  17. Justin Wong
  18. Jumpsuit Jesse
  19. Buktooth
  20. Mike Watson
  21. Jesse Howard
  22. David Spence
  23. Wes Truelson
  24. Nohoho

Lots of other names I know of but couldn’t think of. Oh well there was my crappy shot at this list.


Yeah, nohoho and Damdai are easily on that list. nohoho has one of the best Blankas I’ve ever seen and have played against.