EVO Seeding for Capcom games

Just a heads up that we’ve decided on a seeding method for EVO2k3. Last year’s system of using Apex rankings worked for the most part, but produced some bad results like the ST Black Bracket o’ Death. So instead, here’s what we’ll do:

  • The top four players from both ECC and MWC will automatically get seeds.

  • Since MWC is after ECC, the seeds go to the top four finishers who don’t already have a seed from ECC.

  • The remaining seeds will be determined by the tournament organizers.

  • The number of seeds depends on the number of players in the tournament. There will be at least one seed for each pool (so that there won’t be two seeded players in the same pool).

This system ensures that the seeds are spread out across the country, but there are still enough left over seeds for us to give out to top players that don’t go to either tournament.

what about ggxx?

ECC doesnt have GGXX as a tournament.

MWC does. this could solve things.

Apex doesnt represent a clear showing of the top seed players yet because not all of america is set up for running apex sanctioned GGXX tournaments. (mostly EC) in fact i think theres mabye 1 total apex recorded tournament in the atlantic north.


though the ggxx community has a pretty good sense sofar whos the top out here in EC.

Question: How many spaces will there be in the semi-final bracket? Or is that undecided yet?

And yea, it wouldn’t be good if two or three “top players” are stacked in one pool. MvC2 Purple bracket was pretty crazy last year.

How can you have a tourney and have it not be APEX, they have practically no rules other than ‘it can’t be at someone’s house’… Don’t hate cause State College has the best players, :slight_smile: lol. I also have more to report, we own atl north for freeeeeeee.

I still think at least the top two apex players should be seeded for each region or something, totally using APEX may not have worked out, but why disregard it altogether.

well they’re pretty lazy about letting OSU GGXX tournies be on APEX. I guess the national championship football college still counts as “someones house”

but I still think it’d be funny if Kono/Fatcat was seeded the very last for the EC, and then someone i’ve never heard of is seeded top for GGXX, thanks to apex.

:wtf: Black bracket of whoziwhat? Can a brotha get an explanation?

Jive Out!

“There will be at least one seed for each pool (so that there won’t be two seeded players in the same pool).”

not to be nit-picky, but “at least one seed for each pool” means that there can be more than one seeded player in the same pool. (i.e. mulitple seeded players in same pool)

that’s all.

Umm… So all the people playing on Apex get ranked for nothing? And you guys get to decide the seeds (with the exception of MWC and ECC) on judgment calls?

I mean, you guys obviously aren’t going to just seed your friends or anything gay like that… but on paper it sounds like a crummy way to do it to me. Seems like an invitation for people to whine, “boo-hoo, you left out so-and-so because of blah-dee-blah”

What exactly was wrong with the seeding last year? Really good players didn’t compete in tourneys enough to get ranked up to their skill level or something? If so, isn’t that their own fault?

I’m guessing there will be a Evo 2003 DVD right? Crosses fingers

That was the Super Turbo bracket from last year’s Evo, where it had an astounding amount of good ST players in the bracket. Players like Alex Valle, John Choi, Mike Watson, Thomas Osaki, Bob Painter (Kuro!, and SBO qualifier), Mike Creque, myself, Seth Killian, etc, etc. Not a good bracket to be in if you wanted to make it to the finals.

APEX is a fun way to track local results, but it’s not accurate in nationally ranking players. Anyone who played in the ST tournament last year will tell you how lopsided and inaccurate the seeds were.

who was in the purple brackert for mvc2 last year?

Off the top of my head, it had…
Golden Nismor
and some other good players (I can’t remember right now).

Purple bracket provided some of the most exciting matches at EVL last year.

All Evo brackets

Kuan was in there too. And had he played, Duc would’ve been in as well.

Maybe instead of using APEX for the seeds, use them after the seeds to place the next set of people into the bracket. IMO APEX can help in that area between ‘noname’ and ‘elite player’, especially with people you don’t know. Gives all the people that aren’t going to win ECC and MWC a chance to get some props at evo.

The blue bracket (my bracket at 2k2) was the real death bracket…
Justin Wong… and others