EVO seems kind of Fixed tbh

i say this because of 2 reason.

  1. it seems like they dont want too many japanese players in the latter stages so they’ve done their best to keep pairing them against each other. maybe cause they dont want a japanese to win a 3rd year in a row? i mean look at how many players there are, yet 1 after another, every draw it seems to be a jpn vs jpn? momochi vs tokido, mago (his only 2 loses). mago right after gets paired with RF. theres been a lot more, but if they are all in losers why do they keep fighting each other? whats the point of coming over to USA when all their doing is fighting each other. they dont even get to face top internationals. if they had known they could have just stayed in japan and faced each other like they do anyway.

with this said, i dont mind this so much because to be honest it limits the fei’s and yuns. so i dont care if these players are facing each other. but this brings me to my main reason.

  1. Poongko and Daigo. its like they made sure the draw favoured them, to ensure they made top 8 and faced each other. why? poongko hasnt faced 1 japanese player yet. hell he hasnt faced anyone tough yet. and his in top 8? i thought u had to go through killers to make top 8? his toughest fights, Flash and F. Champ. who both use characters that lose badly to seth. its not even about facing japanese players, he’s avoided anyone tough the whole way. Daigo? ok his route has been tougher. alex valle was tough, but his toughest match on paper was tokido. lets be frank here, it looked like tokido flipping threw that fight. c’mon that was so embarrassing, 4 straight rounds that looked like perfects? your telling me tokido cant even take 1 round from daigo now? tokido has forgotten how to lame it out? i guess the whole world wanted this fight anyway

i love EVO, and i know i will get flamed… hard. but im sorry im calling it like i see it and the draw system is not adding up. so many players, yet a certain nationality is just facing each other? its momochi i feel for. insult me all you want, its just my observation

It’s just the way it panned out. There were tonnes of top jap players there, and having flew half way round the world for it, they obviously weren’t the average joe competitors, and they clearly tried their very best. With there being so many of these exceptional players, it was no surprise that the top 16 was littered with them and they were bound to meet a good few times along the way. As for Daigo and Poongko, they pretty much breezed through most of their competition, but as the hype surrounding them suggests, they are rediculously hard working and talented at it.

IMO, there’s no use seeking a conspiracy, you’ll just end up un-happy.

the points system gives the American advantage that’s all. In this new system, they don’t separate people by region. Alot of people from the same region(Americans) play each others. There is no fixing on the evo part. if anything, it’s the failure of the point system. Next years, they shouldn’t give EC like 10 tournaments that give out evo points. it should be just like 2 in the WC, 2 in the EC. 2 in EU, 1 in AU, 1 or 2 in Japan.

Tokido didn’t threw the match. Tokido can’t beat daigo. The result is about the same when they play in Japan. Sometimes even Daigo lost badly to other jp players. It happens alot. Do you see Mago vs RF, it was 4-0 too, maybe 4-1 I’,m not sure. So can i say WolfKrone threw the match against Fuudo too? he clearing know the match up, but why so free?
Momochi had bad draw. it happens on every tournament.

Yep. In hindsight, it wasn’t a great idea to give people seeding points based on their performance at other tournaments. It makes Evo feel like an exhibition. I’m not sure how Shadowloo Showdown was seeded, but the end result was a lot more exciting than Evo.

The further the Japanese players go into the brackets, the chance is higher that they will end up challenging each other. That’s just how it is in tournaments. :wink:

Only Japanese players that I know of that ended up in the same initial pool were Makoto and Neurosis.

The rest of the foreign players were separated in their initial pools.

All I have to say is 4 Japanese players in Top 8 AND Mago played an AMERICAN(Wolfkrone) in order to try and get into top 8 which he didn’t -_-

I thought they had brackets wrong too but it turned out challonge had losers side mixed up

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Seriously tho, I think a lot of the reason that JPN played themselves is that there were a LOT of them. Whens the last time Shiro touched down here anyway? I have no idea. And I think you’re seriously shortchanging the players if you think…whatever it is that you’re thinking…- isn’t it just easier to assume that the better player is taking the spots?

mago being put in losers by justin and then eliminated by wolfkrone says otherwise.

that wasnt my point. why did he have to play against momochi then RF back to back when the losers side was still relatively big? my point was it seemed they were being grouped to play each other and take each other out every draw. tokido had to play momochi then daigo back to back when the winners side was still big aswell. but no i was wrong about the fixing. its been explained i just thought at the time that these are some tough matches, and a few people on the winners side havent honestly played anyone tough yet. the top 4 winners is stacked today so its not a big deal

this is where i stopped reading

i agree, i saw americans play eachother 1 after another and i was like damn this is fixed. /endsarcasm

So this is basically Tea Party logic applied to fighting games?

Yeah man, also in MVC3, I saw tons of Californians, especially from SoCal, have to fight each other. Clearly Evo was trying to rig it in East Coast’s favor.


that’s the problem. the Cal players should match up against EC players.
Because this tournament doesn’t separate people by region. that’s why you have people from the same zip in the same pool. people from the same country in the same pool. Two top California players fight eachothers very early. I would like to see noel brown and vs a cali players. not noel brown vs sanford. I never said evo rig it for any problem.
I would like them to atleast don’t put people from the same zipcode in the same pool. I heard three players from Hawaii that know eachothers are in the same pool and two jp players in a same pool.

But it looked like there were explosions at the bottom of the tower…

funny that japan’s best bison neurosis was put in with mike ross’ honda, but then again AE is fixed, twins made broke on purpose. I knew about the balance patch coming out before the announcement yesterday, was leaked awhile back by arcade owners. Honestly not taking SSF4 AE evo seriously… top 32 and up is sad. Pretty much A or S tier or GTFO. Y’know, fei, yun, viper, akuma fest. Not diverse at all

you sure did!