EVO SF4 5on5 Team Members (Final)


EVO is coming up soon and there are only a few more tourneys in Pac North to take into account before the decision must be made.

I’ve just scoured through last three months worth of Pac North tourney results and it is easy to see that two names pop up over and over in top 3. As these individuals confirmed they will be at Evolution, they have secured themselves on the Norcal SF4 team. These 2 individuals are:

Ricky Ortiz

Note that I’m looking for consistency. There are some other names that are under consideration but have not displayed the consistency of these two. But I’m keeping an eye out to see how the other candidates fare in the next few weeks.

Potentially the biggest tournament ever in Norcal is taking place this weekend at Fuddruckers. This will be an excellent event to showcase your skill. I encourage everyone to attend, especially norcal team hopefuls. I will be in attendance to scout for talent in both SF4 and Remix teams.

Good luck everyone.


norcal sucks imo… jk! john choi is my hero!

shameless plug: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=196051


A_Rival has also consistently done well in everything he’s attended IINM. As long as he doesn’t try to go Ryu and sticks with his Chun that is!


Congrats Crackfiend
AKA Anthony
AKA Magnus02
AKA Adrian
AKA Surprise Secks (Rapin’ hoes!)

I knew you’d be on top to represent, bro. Make the Bay proud.

Good shit to Ricky, too.


how about the consistently bottom 3, i got that haha


since choi failed to nominate himself… i nominate khanh khoi for the team


genghis khan choi aka swiss choise aka korean inferno aka date rape without the rape. DO IT!


i’d have to nominate john too.

with his display at devestation – he clearly deserves a spot being able to beat justin’s rufus considering that’s the character he used to win the gamestop tourney.


I also want to give my congrats, you guys earned it and its well deserved. Im all about consistencies~


congrats to both of you guys and the future 3 team mates (who ever they may be)


congrats to both ricky and crack. Though i must say keep an eye out for king kai aka kaizer. I believe he has the best sagat in norcal and hes very solid =]


do we have a confirmation on what character ricky is going to use?(or is he going to wait for on who else fills the spot before he decides what character he’s going to use)

…or can he change character PER region that norcal faces?


I would have to say mark aka tharimrattler has the best sagat in nor cal.

Multiple tourney wins at munchies
took 2nd at uc Davis team tourney.

Just my 2 cents.

Keep your eye out for TRR!



what about Haunts who beat
mike ross
but you know munchies is coo too :stuck_out_tongue: and I’m sure that other cat is good too.


Honestly all these Sagats are pretty good but which of them has been consistently placing top 3 in tournies? None really… unless Kaizer does again this Sunday. I think it’ll be a tough decision tbh.


Not that we’re voting for this, but yeah…no need to feel terrible about being on the list Choi.


^ He’s the team captain. He can pick whoever he wants for whatever reason he chooses. He can pick himself. He’s also a very good player (understatement).

I think it’s almost a given that he should be on the team, but if he wants to pick different three, it’s his call.


hey john i really hope you actually nominate your self for the team. You would be a really big factor to the team.


I’m sorry. Where did I, ever, give the impression it wasn’t his call, he wasn’t a good player or that I didn’t know he was the team captain? I was just saying if he is hesitant to put himself on the team, I (and probably most of the Bay) won’t be against him playing.


Hey big guy, not trying to step on toes. It’s not my style. I’m just stating the facts, as you are.