Evo SF4 5v5

So He recently announced a special regional 5v5 SF4 exhibition to take place at Evolution. Jason Cole has been picked as our team captain. Assuming Cole will leave at least some of the spots open to some sort of qualification tournament, we should plan ahead so people can make travel arrangements.

Ideally, this would happen as close to Evo as possible because there will be a lot of movement in the player tiers in the next few of months and we want the best of the best to represent us at Evo.

just remember that one character per team…so to all you Sagat’s out there:

It’s time to step it up.

Actually this is for anyone that wants to make it on the team. Out of Seattle definately front runners right now are (in no particular order)

Jason (The Future)

if you don’t like it step it up, because as of right now, all four of these ppl have been to a winners/loser/grand final since the game’s been out up here with Mandel winning 2 tournaments and Jason winning 1.

I think that a tourney for 3 open spots would b in the interest of fairness. A round robin with top 3 placers gaining spots. I think Cole and mandel should get locked spots since they show interest of improving same to be dominant in washington. Im pretty sure two portland players would make it into the team if a round robin were held.

So to clear things up, everything that was planed for the 5v5 HDR tourney is just getting switched over to SF4.

Let me be VERY CLEAR. NOBODY is getting a guaranteed spot except this black man right here…me. There will be a very strong round robin tourney to determine the final 4 spots. I do not want anyone getting a free ride and thinking they can just not practce hardcore and end up not being prepared for EVO.

So everyone better get on the ball and start sharppening up your game. I will come up with dates and location soon. This will most likely take place about a few weeks before evo to get maximum practice time.

Everyone around our area is eligible to compete (yes including you ScrubbyDan =). So I hope people will take this serious and truely step there game up. NW needs to go into EVO STRONG as FUCK.

So get on the ball folks.


are there going to be alternate spots (2)? You know in case someone just gets too damn faded the first night down in Vegas and can’t even get out of bed the next day?

HD 5v5 might still happen as a side tournament


You just want to get one of em smashed so you can take their place! Your partner in crime shall be El Torro.

Cool. We can do both qualifiers at the same time.

i’m interested in representing the northwest, but do i really have to drive down again for round robin? haha i’m lazy.

can i get a locked spot?!?!? i mean out of all 5 singles and 2 team tournaments i’ve placed 1st in all of them


Cole, who are you playing as ?


There’s a lot of time between now and evo for people to improve.

It’s really only fair that everyone besides Cole should get to play for spots. As it stands, Seattle had the game at two different places months before the console release, and it wouldn’t be fair to PDX (or anyone else that started playing after the console release) to have locked spots. Especially when PDX has always produced great players. Dan’s won two tourneys in Seattle, same amount of tourneys I’ve won here, should we get locked spots??

Hell to the no.

i’m pretty confident to say mr.wiz will ask jinrai to form a team Canada at the 5 vs 5 tournament, and i will be undoubtly be representing. its either i get a locked spot representing northwest for you guys, or you’ll be facing me at evo. your choice.

get hype.

I guess they’ll be facing you at Evo then?

should ask jason cole this question. he’s the captain.

Lol what Axel said.

And for reiteration, no one deserves locked spots up here besides Cole.

Wow Im down for hardcore training. SamY you play Ryu don’t you?