Evo should be streamed or at least featured on XBL/ PSN


Why is it not happening? i’m grateful for ustream and its great that G4 is featuring it, but XBL/PSN would do a great job showcasing the torney to gamers that dont normally follow FG’s.

at the very least highlights should be featured on XBL. would help MS pick up more subs, the hype for the games would sell more copies, and hopefully would get the guys runnning the tourney more $$$. More eyes on the FG community is only a good thing imo.


EVO was streamed last year. And it was on IGN.

Don’t know what you’re complaining about.


His punctuation sucked but he meant streamed on xbl/psn.


I doubt MS or Sony would be interested in streaming a live event for free that they have no control over. I also imagine the fact the commentators are not censored in any way would make it a double no go. You can’t have the kids watching while someone bags out they’re console or drops the F bomb. Actually now I think about it, all the data would have to be streamed through the psn/xbl servers I assume which would add a pretty huge data cost to each company.



Whatever method they use, I just hope that they get all of the videos uploaded this year. No sense in abandoning the DVD if you’re not going to upload all of the footage.