EVO should be televised next year

This event needs to be televised.

  1. Seth Killian was an amazing play by play commentator. He was able to break down what was happening on screen and what the players were thinking without missing a beat. Even deep into a three day tournament he maintained his energy and hype. It was so much better than listening to slasher and gootecks’ awkward banter at SBO quals. He would really be the ultimate host.

  2. 22,000 people watched the stream at its peak. You know it would be quadruple that if it was on television. The guy sitting on his couch that played the game when he was a kid and has no clue about the fighting game scene would certainly sit through a few matches and maybe even get hooked, thus increasing the awareness of the scene and the event. This can only be good for the fighting game community. I mean who really knew much about Texas Hold’em before the Travel channel started running games.

  3. Street Fighter 4 is very spectator friendly. Anyone can watch it and get into it. I’m not even remotely good at SFIV, but I LOVE watching high level, knowledgeable players go head to head. It’s just a great game to watch, even if you are casually playing, or don’t play at all.

  4. There are so many great back stories, and rivalries, and hype that it makes for interesting TV.

Basically, if the “World Series of Poker” or the “Professional Bowling Association” can showcase its ‘athletes’ than why can’t something as dynamic and exciting as EVO 2k10 make it onto G4 or Spike?

I know the logistics of it are probably very complicated, but it would be nice to see something like this happen while there is a huge resurgence of players and hype over Street Fighter and the fighting genre in general.

agreed. friends of mine who have only touched fighting games casually, or barely even play video games at all were getting super hype and were glued to the stream … especially grand finals umehara vs justin.

after watching this years stream, I concur. Seth did a great job doing play by play that a layperson can understand and enjoy.

The game is fun to watch, and the mindgames that make poker a decent television “sport” are just as present in SF4.

the key is going to be making evo much more well known next year. Make it sound appealing to lay people

We can start by getting pringles to endorse EVO. :rofl:

After Evo I went out and got a super tall can of Ranch Pringles.

i agree 100%, especially after watching a few stream of the matches, the commentating team did and excellent jobbbbbb, and this is by far TV material.

If it really is viable, and gets to the point that it will really bring in enough ad revenue, it will get there. As much as we’d all love that, I don’t think it will happen within the next year though… But hey, I’d love to be proven wrong on that. I know I was giong nuts watching that stream, haha.

Hagen-Dazs too!!! :rofl:

With 23,000 people watching the stream, I can see it being on TV.


contact G4 and ask if they would be willing to give coverage like they do for E3…

they would probably take that shit if they knew 23k ppl watched it over the internet :rofl:

23,000 is really really poor for a televised audience though.

don’t get me wrong, i’d like to see it also, but i think our hobby will stay a niche

and how would you pack 3 days worth of matches (across a myriad of titles) into an hour-long show?

would be cool though

Exactly. They aren’t going to give up even a few hours let alone 3 full days to advertise to 23k (and that was at he highest point, for the most part it was around like 10k) viewers. I just don’t see it unless they can really find a way to build it up and get it more mainstream, and I don’t think that’s going to happen in one years time.

Agreed, the backstory stuff is awesome. I ended up downloading the HD torrent of “I Got Next”, the documentary talking about some of the fighting scene after seeing it linked off the EVO live stream.

How about a pay-per-view scenario with a satellite company (hopefully DISH)? Similar to what Blizzard is doing broadcasting Blizzcon over PPV with DirecTV this summer?

i still remember Dog face on the stream just going CRAAAZZZZYY when some shit would happen LOL

i remember a match between Chris Hu and a Rufus player…Rufus did his ultra and it missed

the Ultra was still going and Chris jumped into it and got caught


:rofl: when that guy yells its sooo funny lol plus the Dog face showat Evo was SOOOO funny lol

We should not be concerned with TV but getting good quality streams. There are a lot of improvements still to be made on that front. Plus TV is just not viable because of the problems others have stated (3 day event).

op’s name is awesome :rock:

yeah televise this shit pls.


As much as I think G4 is great and all, I’d be really upset if in between fights, we get correspondence insight from some of the goofier hosts. Last year they had a show that lasted the summer I believe which had MLG coverage, and it would bright the fighting game community on the map more than it is already, so I guess it wouldn’t be so bad.

I completely disagree with this. EVO is great as a stream but you are forgetting two big things when it comes to televising things

  1. Politics
  2. Advertisers

With the televising of EVO its going to lose a lot of what it is. Theres going to be censorship on what people can and cant say and thats going to have an effect on advertisers.

I mean come on, during the finals EA, if I remember right were saying “F him up Justin” and what not. Once you put EVO into the Mass Media, it becomes run by the people who are watching it on TV and the advertisers, not the hardcore fans that sacrificed their money and time to be there in person.

Come on, for anyone who was at EVO, would you really be happy knowing that you have to stay X distance back and can’t say certain things?

I got me some Salt and Vinegar Pringles. :3 Something about Evo gets me in that Pringles mood. I think I might buy some right now…