EVO side tournament feedback and improvements

How could the cvs2 side tournament from EVO be improved? I’ve been meaning to solicit suggestions from people since EVO ended, but I got sidetracked by a few things. Here are my thoughts offhand:

-Got to have more people involved in running it. We had 4 people for the most part running the 40-man, double elim bracket. I think we did a good job running the tourney smoothly, but it killed us. Particularly the two guys who took no breaks all day long. I think having at least six people running things and splitting it into two shifts would work a lot better all around for a 40 person tourney. EVO is a zoo, and it takes a lot more work to keep everybody around than at your normal local tourney.

-Move the date to Saturday. EVO staff switched it on us. Last year, 64 or even 128 people were involved in SF4 semifinals, so a lot of people had to bail on the cvs tournament. This year, only 32 people were involved in semifinals for super, so a lot more people were free on Saturday. Several people didn’t enter the side tourney because they had pools, and we had to dq a few others for that reason.

I do have mixed feelings on this one though, because BYOC was hella dead on saturday compared to friday, and they also shut it down earlier. Would like to know if anybody else had thoughts.

I’d like there to be another tournament at evo next year for cvs2. Even though it was some work, it was worth it on Friday to see so many people excited about cvs2. Got to meet a lot of new faces and reconnect with people from 2009 as well. Even if EVO staff is too stupid to realize it, CvS2 is a great game, and its up to us to keep it going. Hopefully we can learn from this thread and try to make next year bigger and better!

Oh, another thing I thought of: Ps2 sticks. Nobody has them. Its kinda annoying. I’m thinking next year a discount should be given to everybody that brings their own stick.