EVO Skullgirls Stream?


Will there be one? If so, anyone know where it will be?


No EVO Stream makes me not want to watch Evo at all =/


Yeah, tis pretty sad.


They said this morning they might stream top 16 tomorrow.


Good news.






Top 8


Dang X did I miss it?


No, it’s starting in ~1hour 15 minutes.


this tourney seemed a little weak to be honest
where was nerdjosh? noone from new york went, pali didnt go, megamands didnt go, etc


MegamanDS did go, he just got knocked out. I think he was top 16.


Where can I find a stream archive?



I think you think it’s weak because all the people you are familiar with who did end up going got knocked out in or prior to top 16.

I mean hell, Severin didn’t win. I was not expecting that.


did nerdjosh play? did pali play?
yeah i was assuming severin would be top 3

good shit to chilldog for getting second
i played a long ass set with him online a few weeks ago

and psyken, ,me, omni, alzarath, mgv, etc were not there
i wanna see a tournament with every good player in it haha. maybe next year

did justin or chris g even enter?


Yeah, tbqh the tourney did seem weak. But then again Dacid and megaman got taken out early and sev didn’t make it either… Things were just weird. Evo on the whole seems weird this year with jw not showing his usual dominance, Valle getting taken out early in sf4, and him and choi playing what I thought was below there usual play ability in the tournament of legends…

Well it’s finals day, maybe we are in for a treat, watching maos claw and mondos Honda was awesome.



hopefully SF4 and marvel are as epic as last year but its probably hard to top that tron comeback and daigo getting perfected


It might be a good idea to do a bit of research before calling a tourney ‘weak’. It had 112 people which is pretty dang good for a side tourney. Especially when it had more than BB and GG. Chris G did enter and I believe he got up to top 16.

And does Wong or Valle having to dominate mean that Evo wouldn’t be ‘weird’? Why can’t you give props to the people who are trying to step their game up and make it far? Rooting for the people you know is good but not paying attention to the people you don’t know is terrible.


Lol do research

Not to pop off but I beat the guy that got second something like 20-1 online and I’m pretty sure omniscythe did too.
Still good stuff to everyone