EVO sold out!

I am so pissed right now. How did Blazblue and Skullgirls not get into EVO? I know why, because EVO sold out, to Crapcom and Scamco! Blazblue and Skullgirls are the deepest fighters ever made! Blazblue is the rightful successor to GG, the greatest 2d fighter ever made, and Skullgirls is made by Mike Z, the only developer who knows what us hardcore fighter fans want and NEED in our hardcore games.

How did trash like MK9 get into EVO? It sucks so bad, I hate blood and gore, all the women look like men instead of sexy lolicon, and the men are way too muscular, I hate it so much it’s so bad and dumb and dumb and really bad and American shit(American fighters all suck except Skullgirls which is made by someone who understands the superiority of japanese game design). And SFxTekken is trash too, that game isn’t even out yet and I already know it’s casual shit, how did that get in but not Skullgirls and Blazblue?

Fuck SRK and fuck EVO, it’s all rigged and biased against us anime fighter fans! I’m so angry I gotta go hug my waifu bodypillow to calm down!

Blazblue is garbage and is pretty much dead.

lol at people who run evo talking hella shit about SFxT and picking it up over Skullgirls though.

Thanks for the thread…I needed salt for my popcorn.

Blazblue is NOT dead! We got way more entrants than MK9 ever did! No one even plays MK9 besides like 5 people, it sucks so bad because it’s grimdark and has inaccurate framedata and is grimdark and full of blood and manly women. I hate that game so much, it’s so terrible and bad. Last year EVO was rigged too, how did MK9 get in when it wasn’t even released yet?

oh okay you’re trolling (Mk9 gets more entrants than BB)

MK does not get more entrants, stop lying! So sick of people making that up when it’s not even true. MK9 has no hype and its only fans are casuals who don’t even play fighters! Blazblue has hardcore fans like me who played Guilty Gear, the bestest most deepest 2d fighter ever made(way better than shit fighter series).

Man, the trolls are out today. Btw, good shit on ensuring that BB never gets into evo by making this thread lol.

I am also very mads. May I borrow your pillow?

Blazblue attendance was super on the decline last year. Blazblue couldnt even break 200 entrants last year at Evo, and couldn’t even beat out Tekken, a game that was pretty much dead as well.

Why dont you go out and support tournaments instead of crying about why it didnt get in, because of lackluster numbers?

We’ll make the biggest side tourney ever, along with Skullgirls, and we WILL get into EVO next year. MK9 is DEAD!

man he totally threw off everybody by addding an avatar pic.

You guys realize that its the same guy that’s been trolling the mods around here for weeks, right?

why are trolls being fed

This from the same guy who has been trolling threads with nonsense acting as if he knows about what makes fighters good and solid game development. You don’t know shit about fighters, scrub!

This is like reverse trolling.


Its crazy this thread got a serious reply from anyone lol.

Lol at people getting trolled. Step it up SRK.

People are actually taking this poster seriously? Just look at the poster lolol

let alone the site owner >>

it’s amazing to watch though, you can see the evolution of the style beyond the beginning where it was just rage at Preppy for a banning.

I own Guilty Gear Accent Core on arcade machine but have no idea how to play it. I just got it because I’m a collector of great fighting games and I heard that Accent Core is one of the greatest fighting games ever made. I’m also a Third Strike guy and I heard that the developer of the Guilty Gear series said that Third Strike was the best game ever made.

My question is to Guilty Gear players is that why do they accept Blazeblue? I heard like SF4 to 3S, BB to GG is a dumbed down version. I don’t know how true this is though. To a lot of 3S players, SF4 is an insult lol. I don’t hate SF4 as much as I use to. It’s solid and keeps the scene alive.

And as for the original topic of whether EVO sold out: Of course they did lol. I don’t like it but it’s bound to happen. Any time anything gets big like Star Wars, it sells out and plays to the lowest common denominator. In EVO’s case MK9 and in Star Wars case Star Wars 3D. I could understand EVO not putting in 3S since that game is not really for the masses but dismissing Street Fighter 2 whether it be Super Turbo or HD remix is blasphemous since SF2 is the foundation of everything and started this whole thing.

Look on the bright side Blaze Blue player at least you still got an update arcade version of your game. No updated version of a great game like KOFXIII is really really sad since it’s so popular right now in So Cal.

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I see what you did there.
Why is this thread still open though?