Evo South America for 2008


The south american community wants to throw its own Evo qualifiers. We do not need any money whatsoever. What we do want is the endorsement from Evo, strengthening our brand and making it easier for us to have a truly south american championship.

In the 2006 brazilian nationals we had 108 players from 14 different states (more than 50%, and Brazil is pretty big) and 2 countries for Marvel vs Capcom 2, and decent turnouts for other games as well. The games in our roster were MvC2, CvS2, 3rd Strike, Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 3, KoF 2002, KoF XI, NGBC and Guilty Gear. The prizes were game consoles for most games and arcade controllers for second and third places. We ran console tourneys for most games, allowing people to bring their own controllers. The rules were pretty much the same as evolution for the games we had in common.

Still in 2006, we had several other tourneys, and at least one of them had TV coverage (in regular TV, not cable). You may watch the segment here: [media=youtube]_N0C-QGlxpg#CnvA3kPNLPA[/media] .
We have been running some international battles. For now Brazil vs Argentina and vs Peru in MvC2, and vs Paraguay in 3rd strike.

For 2007/2008 we’ve been doing as much contacts as possible, and now our countries are getting together to make a truly south american tournament. We expect to have players from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and hopefully even more. Unfortunately, we still were not able to have any contact whatsoever with communities from countries like Uruguay, Bolivia, Guiana and Suriname.

Whatever there is a community, its reasonable to expect that some people check shoryuken.com every now and then. One idea behind turning our tourney into a qualifier is to have a big exposure in other countries as well. Plus, gamers from other countries may feel better about coming to Evo South America than going to a tourney they may know nothing about.

More important than anything, however, is getting confirmation from sponsors. Many are willing to give a good help if the tourney becomes the official south american tourney, a qualifier for the world tournaments. They are not so impressed by the idea of a new-brand tourney that is not so representative in the big scheme. With the endorsement from Evo, its much easier to get press coverage, hence, to get sponsors, hence, to get money to send our gamers to US.

The average south american earns way less money than the average american. Alone, none of our players is able to travel to Evo. But together, with help from our sponsors, we can send our tourney champions.

For Evo, it is a good opportunity as well. The brand will not only get a really big exposure in South America (making room for good business in the long term), but even Evo World itself can get more variety, and it’s a first door for having international qualifiers. Soon enough, Evo may be the undisputable World Championships. Of course, and I say it again, we do not need any financial help whatsoever. We just want the opportunity to have your brand reinforcing ours, and spots in the finals for our champions. For now just a single spot for our strongest games: MvC2, T5DR and KoF2k2 (if you have it) would be more than enough.

We have well qualified people to help with those tourneys. We have several businessmen, attourneys, arcade owners, event organizers, and a solid record of running good tourneys, at least in the brazilian, argentinian and chilean communities. Some of those people have years of experience running regional and national tourneys for Winning Eleven, a game that takes a lot of time (around 15 minutes for game) and gathers a lot of people (200 on regionals; google WE crazy cup or WE Rio and you can find some info in portuguese). Other run tourneys for PC games and anime conventions.

South America has a solid competitive scene in a few games. We have tourneys often, and several forums specialized in fighting games. Nothing close to shoryuken.com, of course, but we feel that our scene is big enough to start having more international integration. Our top KoF 2002 player will probably travel to the mexican nationals this year (with help from the kind mexican players) and we may now be able to send players from other games towards Evo 2008.

We tried to contact MrWizard and Seth Killian, but we’re not sure if they got our messages. So now I am updating our new information and posting it here for everybody that wants to help or give us new ideas. Plus any south american that reads this can get in touch and help us further develop our scene. When we wrote the letter, we would give PS3s as prizes, but now we can pay for the winners’ trip towards Evolution (as long as we become qualifiers, the condition from some sponsors). I understand now that the Cannons run Evo. So I hope they can read this and start some dialogue with us.

We are always looking for ways to improve our community. A partnership with Evo is certainly a huge step in the right direction, and it does add a little more for the US community as well, enhancing the integration of national fighting game communities all around the world.

Thank you very much for your time and attention. We appreciate any help, from partnerships to suggestions.

Wow, that’s hot.

EVO staff let’s see it for 2008. I think this would be tight.

Of course, nobody North of mexico plays SNK games, but I think this would be tight.

Yes this is very hot and works in harmony with what I am trying to accomplish.

They are extrememly skilled in what they do you should check out some of their vids they are some of the most skilled players I have ever seen.

I am trying to set up Nationals/a World tournament for my SNK games so this is something that will certainly work in harmony with what I am trying to accomplish.

And you sure nobody North of Mexico plays SNK games??

That is part of my whole campaign to put SNK ontop in North America.

I will be more than happy to help support this and do what it takes to work hin harmony about making this happen!!!

this is fucking awesome! it travel to EVO South America if that was a qualifier…

yeah this is a great idea. evo needs to branch out to the rest of the world and this is just a starting point.

hell yeah that shit is great it would be nice to see some spanish peeps show what our latino skills can do against americans lol unfortunately my country (nicaragua) is literally too poor for something like that but still to have the south americans make moves like this…evo will possibly be spread out to all over the world in terms of qualifiers and it should be cool…lol imagine we have an EVO Global on the moon or some shit now that would be fuckin crazy lol

Too poor to have that happen? See this is where I can come in and eventually find a way to have to best players rep your country at the World Championship or something SF3LP


I think it would be great to have Evo branch out like this, but, and I mean no offense, I’m just worried about the difference in level of competition. It might be that South Americans are every bit as good as North Americans, I don’t know, but I think it might be a little rash to ensure qualifying spots without knowing how well you guys play. It would be a better situation if you were to come this year without qualifying spots so we could more accurately gauge how well you guys play. If you play well, I think it would be a great idea to give out qualifying spots. Maybe we could eventually get London or Paris to run an Evo Europe tournament, too. Could you get your sponsors to hand out money this year by saying that if you guys play well enough you’ll be able to get qualifying spots in future years?

I doubt it, companies are much more apt to sponsored things that are assured to happen, than just possibilities when it comes to stuff like this.

This may be a situation where you give these guys spots in an EVO, let them come out, and if it becomes apparent that the level of skill is different go back and take the spots. You’d only prolly be giving them one spot in each anyway, so the majority of spots would still be going to the american qualifiers.

I know one thing thats a fact…In SNk games us Americans in general are ROCK BOTTOM.

puerto rico should get qual spots over brazil

Thank you everyone for being so nice.

We understand that giving away spots for unknown players represents an uncertainty. We have no resources available to show South America?s value by direct play. We may provide videos. Our reasoning for asking about those 3 games only is exactly because those are very likely the 3 more competitive games in South America.

2k2 ? Played everywhere. Dark Geese says brazilian player Buchecha is the sickest Angel he has ever seen. We are working harder to send him to Mexico for their nationals.
MvC2 ? Several tourneys in many south American countries.
T5DR ? Played hardcore in the few arcades that have it.

As much as players from other games are convinced that they can have a shot internationally, for now this is a bigger uncertainty.

The point, however, is not if South American has players good enough to make top 32-64 or even fight for the title. The point is expanding Evo (or, for us, get more publicity and confirmation from sponsors). I believe each qualifier in US has now 8 spots, in a total of 32 US spots. Maybe in branching out they can give 1 spot for South America, 3 for Europe and 4 for Japan, or something like that. We don?t think it is such a wild guess taking this bet (giving a single spot for South America), considering the benefits that may come from it.

Also, this spot goes for top 64 or something like that, right? Even if the South America guy has a weak game, he will not be making the DVD or have a big effect over the overall tourney. If the guy is good enough, it will be a nice addition for the international competition.

Of course the US sponsors (Toyota) may have a saying in this, as Bunkei recently remembered me.

It is important to establish that having more players from other continents reinforce the Evo image as the biggest, better and more diverse tournament in the world. It is another nice addition to bring your target customers in. Players from South America represent another feature of Evo that can generate curiosity and interest to bring many players to the tournament.

Of course, more players and an improved tournament makes the event bigger and more exciting, hence, sponsors will have a bigger boost for their image than they would if Evo avoids the south american community. We understand we do not represent the biggest impact or the most expected thing at Evo, but we can make the tourney better, and the sponsors happier.

Bacardi ? We do not want a spot for Brazil, but a spot for South America. There are many countries with many players around here, and our hope is to send the best. We could make it South/Central America as well, but is probably much cheaper to fly from Panama or Nicaragua to Vegas than it is to go to Buenos Aires or Rio. We are however open to any ideas.

Of course we do not expect to hurt any community with this. If our proposal may hurt the Puerto Rico scene in any way, I think we should look further into this and make it into a win-win situation to all involved, and I?m pretty sure other people here feel the same way. It?s just that we need the Evo partnership to get money from sponsors, so this may turn into a very important opportunity for us.

Remember the main point. We are capable of organizing the tourney ourselves, with no need for any money or any external help. Our goal is to become a part of Evo qualifiers, so we can improve press coverage and close the deal with prospect sponsors.

We are willing to provide anything the Evo staff may want to show our commitment; press releases, logs on previous tourneys, videos, website addresses, legal contracts and whatever you need. We just want this chance, and this has the potential to be not only the biggest turn in South America fighting game history, but also an improvement for the US community as well.

Evo is obviously better every year, and we believe we can help it being even better in 2008.

On a related note, how can I contact the Cannons? Do they read this section, or have a nickname that I can PM?

Thank you so much for all your help.

FighterBox2006, your focus should be to get those South American boys playing Evo tournament games and getting good at them.

Don’t get me wrong. All Evo games have their communities but, as in any continent, some games are bigger than others. I can write about Brazil, since that’s where I live.

3rd Strike had at least 3 tourneys in 2006. The nationals had 64 players. One at an anime convention had over a hundred, but with free entry. And the last one had the Brazil and Paraguay encounter.

SSBM has a good scene. http://www.1upsmash.zip.net has around a thousand members and runs tourneys

CvS2 has a big following in the state of Parana. 3 tourneys in 2006. Already had nationals and its featured on the TV show I posted as one of the tourney games.

Everybody played Super Turbo in the 90s. Most fighting game players here started by playing ST or one of its predecessors.

Guilty Gear has its own forum and frequent tourneys, although they’re smaller than most. The community is not so big, but they are very dedicated. Check www.guiltygear.com.br for more info. You probably have to wait a couple days, because the site is off right now. The old forum is here - http://www.phpbbplanet.com/forum/guiltygearbr.html

Virtua Fighter has no scene. Maybe this will change with the PS3, but it is an uncertainty. I only met a couple of VF players so far.

Our biggest fighting game community website (www.fighters.com.br) is also out for a few days (the same guys are resposible for this one and the GG one). It has around 6000 members and have sections on most fighting games and companies.

As I said, MvC2 and T5DR are stronger than all the games mentioned above. MvC2, as well as KoF2k2, has good tourneys in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and probably more.

We will have a local tourney for most of this games in March and I’ll try to get some videos. It is probably not good enough to show what other states and countries can do, but its a start.

Whoa… you guys we’re on TV :wgrin:

Nice ideal also, hope you guys get it to work out.

Maybe you guys don’t WANT a bye. Cuz seriously playing in pools at evo worlds is pretty good competition, and just qualifying out of pools will make a HUGE statement about your area’s viability.
However, giving you a free ride to the semi’s ensures that whoever that is will play a Japanese player 1st round (in anything but MvC2), and get demolished. And that won’t prove anything about the skills where you come from.

I remember I went to an arcade in barbados, and It was pretty hoppin. Long, Long lines for cvs2, even though I racked up like 20 wins, before I had to leave.

International scenes are really interesting, and amazing if you ask me.

I agree. Especially considering how many top US players don’t make it out of pools.

While we applaud your spirit, we are not in the position to hold world qualifiers at this time. Evo staff would have to be present for this to take place. We will consider South America if we ever do go global for qualifiers.

Hope this helps.

pm’d you, FighterBox2006

International South American tourney is happening!!