Evo Special Event #1 SF4 5on5

This post it to announce the first exhibition event at Evo 2009, a regional Street Fighter IV 5 on 5 tournament!

Each team is made up of 5 members
Each team can only have one of each character. No 5 Bisons on a team.
Players must stick with their character throughout the exhibition
Players must live in the region they represent. Devote all questions to Mr. Wizard or inkblot.
Single elimination tournament
Matches are done elimination style. So team member 1 on each team plays, winner stays. When one team is out of members, they lose.

Each region is appointed a team captain that will pick the team. Captains must report their teams to inkblot or MrWizard by the end of the first day of Evo. The regions and their captains are!

  1. North CA: John Choi
  2. South CA: Alex Valle
  3. East Coast: Justin Wong
  4. South East: Jason Wilson
  5. Northwest: Jason Cole
  6. Midwest: Ari Weintraub
  7. Southwest: Scott “SaBrE” Bender (AZ, NM, CO, NV, TX)
  8. SRK Wildcard: SRK

The SRK Wildcard team will be made up of players not chosen for any of the other teams.

Good. You guys better capitalize on this SF4skin stuff. Nevertheless, good luck on all of this. <3

BTW what happened to: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6272254&postcount=26 ?

That thread was talking about a US vs Japan 5on5. Such an exhibition would be a little silly, given that we don’t even know the top 5 players in the US yet. This exhibition is a regional US 5on5 for bragging rights on the best area for SF4 in the country. Before anyone asks, no we will not add a Japanese team. The whole point of the tournament is to see who’s the best in the US. If you want to beat Japan beat them in the main tournament.

why not gootecks? No disrepect to valle but gootecks has been the face of so.cal sf4 since its inception

Woot! Exactly what I was hoping to hear. All USA.

um im very dissapointed in this im very sad that the hd remix exibition is not going down i was looking forward to this because i wanted to maybe play in the event :frowning:

each team can have recurring characters right?

like say joe and nestor for east coast, as they both play sagat.

or gootecks and keno, who both play balrog.

Damn, I was looking forward to the SFHD exhibition. I guess we can kind of still have it in the BYOC area?

Young people doesnt look good as captains

OG’s for the win :rofl:

I havent seen any valle footage lately

the real question is why isnt mike ross captain for every fucking region?

Can EC stand up? Who wants it on the team?

  1. JWong
  2. Iloveu

I know I suggested this in the HDr team tournament thread, but for variety’s sake (this being an exhibition), it would be wise to use the following format (instead of winner stays).

Team 1 Player A vs Team 2 Player A
Team 1 Player B vs Team 2 Player B
Team 1 Player C vs Team 2 Player C

and so on in order, and through the remaining list of un-eliminated players until one team is out of players.


Get dr chaos! I Demand you!

sorry but, why was HD Remix cancel? Is it because we are going to see japan vs USA HD Remix. Just a guess.

I wanna be on a team!

^ Yah! Team Wildcard should be Hawaiians and maybe a couple of illegal immigrants too. Y’know, unless any of those top Alaskan players want to sled on down to Las Vegas.

this is wayyy better than that hd remix stuff, good looking out admins

  1. JWong
  2. Joe
  3. Marn (He lives with me)
  4. Arturo Sanchez
  5. TBD…

ill play for it.

just tell me who to play against.

and apparently im using gief since joes got sagat :confused: