Evo Special Special Event #1 - John Choi Vs Justin Wong 2 Man Tournament

3/5 in:

**Marvel vs Capcom 2

Alpha 2

Super Turbo

Capcom vs Snk 2

Third Strike**

John Choi coming to EVO representing Norcal and Keystone II. (and Korea)

Exact same stipulations as Valle.

This is the Real Deal people.

since Valle doesn’t want to play Justin for money I’ll bet on Choi instead.

$500 on Choi.

choi is like 3x justin’s age. bwahahhaa


o m g

Sounds like fun. I’m game if Justin is down for it and if Valle don’t mind.

Justin is 21 now so I’ll throw in unlimited drinks for 1 night to Justin if he wins. :lovin:



choi is gonna roll up in a walker :rofl:

but ill still put a benji on john :tup:

200 on JOHN :lovin:

1000 on choi. free son. sorry jwong. choi is the man.

Add amateur wrestling to the list and I’ll put 50 on choi.

I have a feeling that the MVC2 would be just as bad for Choi as wrestling would be for Justin. ;p

maybe not if he gets to pick cable/cable/commando… his cable + blocking skills in marvel are godly btw.

300 on john

I don’t like to bet but 1 hunned on my boy Mr. Choi!

$11 on john choi.

this will cover one big rice plate + tax/tip at dat thanh.


this is the first time i have not seen a single bet on justin lol

edit: typed this before bronson posted… :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF? Wishy washy with Valle but people are all ready to throw money on Choi? It’s cuz he’s asian I tell you. :lol:

i like choi easy. 100 on choi if i go to evo.

$50 on Choi.

This is too close to call. The decider game would probably come down to CvS2, but imo the special even should be changed to this.

much more interesting than valle vs justin

neiman, i’ll take that $100, thanks in advance