EVO Spectator Pass sold out


1st year going to EVO 2013. I have my competitor pass but was wondering with the spectator passes sold out does that mean my girlfriend can’t come in to EVO period or does that only mean no access to the main room?


She can go, but when Sunday comes for the finals, she won’t able to get in main room without a pass.


Same issue here drive bunch guys down to event but didn’t known cant buy a pass a the event.So what can not do now


I think she won’t be able to come in at all. I could be wrong but I believe you need a pass on all 3 days to get in, unlike last year.

Edit: Confirmed. You need a pass to get in on all 3 days. This has been announced before.


Is there any other way of getting a pass, paying at the door or something?


Nope…no onsite registration.


Damnit. Like your avatar btw.


are there competitor passes left? maybe you could buy your gf one of those lol


Competitor passes sold out before the Spectator passes. I was under the impression it was like the other years where only the finals required it. The one time I don’t think to make sure -_-


Registration as a whole closed after Sunday night…


yeah, the MvC2 guys are complaining, wondering about the rules for the BYOC section.

can I get a clarification on that? do you need a spec pass for BYOC side tourneys in the beta hall? @MrWizard ??


Yep…you need a pass.


Yes you need a pass for everything at Evo now. Both halls and the BYOC and panels room.

We are working on a option for people to get in on Friday and Saturday but NO SUNDAY anything. It will be for people with sticker shock that Evo is a pass only event this year.


That’s good to hear, I hope there’s something to be worked out.


thanks for the clarif!

yeah alot of people expecting to just show up day of and play mvc2 in the byoc section fri and sat. LOL@those guys!


How soon can we get clarification for the Friday Saturday option?


In for results. I really hope we can buy them at the door. Would be a waste if we couldn’t.


A solution is in place. You will be able to buy a 1 day pass for Friday and/or Saturday only. SUNDAY will not be sold.

Str presents: the st games @ evo 2013!

Just to be clear how much will each 1 day pass cost?


It will be cheap. $5-$10. We haven’t finalized it yet.