EVO SSF4 PS3 or 360?


Just trying to confirm. Couldn’t see anything about this on the official website unless I missed it somewhere.


The entire tournament is on PS3. It makes it easier to run because they only have to use one system for all the games.


I’m actually surprised since every other SSF4 tournament is now being run on 360 due to lag issues with the PS3. Yeah I know they ran it on PS3 last year but I thought the whole point was to get it as arcade perfect as possible.


What lag issues? Also I’m pretty sure they use PS3 because then they don’t have to worry about overheating issues.


Also the PS3 will recognize just about anything that has a USB plug-in. Controller/Stick compatibility isn’t much of an issue on PS3.


So a Xbox 360 Madcatz SSF4 stick will work on PS3?


no, it means that its much easier to dualmod a stick/converter to work with the PS3 than it is for the 360.


Any USB device(including things like PS2->PC converters etc) EXCEPT 360 stuff.
I assume it has something to do with those security chips that a controller need to have to work on the 360. Which is the reason the 360 is terrible when it comes to controllers/adapters, it just won’t accept anything that isn’t approved by MS.

Also, PS3 is region free in case the need to play a jap game I guess.


Dat PS Triple.


Sony sponsors the event so case closed, and also it’s easier to config for controls, 360 has very strange controller issues

Though honestly it shouldn’t matter… 360 or PS3 they’re still the same games. If you’re controller is 360 only, just install Toodles’ chimp (check the tech board) and you won’t have any problems.


Fairly certain the main reason they use PS3 is that they already had a bunch of them from running Tekken, and they just kept going with it. Not having overheating issues is just a bonus.


Ding Ding Ding!!! We have a winner


Any devices plugged into the USB ports on PS3 have inherent 2 frames of delay, which appears to be hardcoded in. This is the timing difference that players speak of when they say that PS3 lags. PS3 wireless pads don’t suffer from this though, but basically everything else does.


omg, PS3 SSF4 lag… people will complain again like what they did last year.


people will always complain. If it was arcade then they’d complain that they can’t use “their” stick or pad. If its on 360 then PS3 people complain that the timing is different from their version and that they can’t use their stick. aka people always complain.


the overheating argument is not even true anymore lol


The lag on ps3 is easily noticeable. I spoke to people about it even before anyone had said anything about it on SRK. In a game dependent on tight links amongst other things… I just don’t see how EVO could run ssf4 on ps3 and call itself the premier fighting game tournament.


I understand that it can be easier to run the whole event with either PS3 or 360. But is this more important than to have a fair competition environment for the players? In addition all the PS3 SSF4 owners I know say the lag is very noticeable. Links and timing are crucial in this game and I am confident enough to say the majority SSF4 players do not want PS3 in EVO.


PS3 SSF4 does not lag in offline gameplay


Yes it does and it is kind of a problem when everybody and their moms plays on the xbox.

However, this is kind of a moot point because I am pretty sure evo will stay ps3 only. The only way to compensate that is to just practice on a ps3.