EVO STAFF ALERT: PLEASE READ ASAP probs with East registration


On your website www.evo2k.com/east this is posted:

Sun, July 2nd - Wed, July 12th, Online

After July 2nd the cost of registration will rise to $30 to enter, plus $10 for each tournament."

Clearly, right there in black and white, it states the last day for online registration is TODAY, Wednesday, July 12th.

Well, this morning online registration for EVO East was CLOSED.

I have 6 people who have all called/IMed me in the past 2 hours, who are lined up, ready to register online, and they cannot do so. They have also told me that they are not willing to pay $15 extra for registration on-site because it is not their fault that they cannot register today, and they read clearly on the website that they should be able to do so. The reason they did not register previously was because they were waiting to find out who was going FOR SURE, because they read about the “no refunds” policy for EVO East and did not want to lose their money if something changed.

I will post their info below (which is all I can really do) and request that when these players show up on Friday night/Saturday, they be allowed to enter the tournament with only a $30 cover charge. You can check their IDs/I will vouch that these are the real people if you need me to.

  1. Gavin Yip, Echoes of Pain, TGA/Rhode Island - 3s, cvs2, T5
  2. James Sekator, Jjuice, TGA/Rhode Island - 3s, T5
  3. Wilson Fermin, Silence, TGA/Rhode Island - 3s, cvs2
  4. Brandon Lapre, TGA/Rhode Island - T5
  5. Jose Feliciano, Skillz, Waterbury, CT - MvC2 (he is the guy that got 4th place at B5 in the MvC1 world invitational)
  6. Jay Aldorando, Jay, Waterbury, CT - MvC2

PLEASE if you can help these people out, please do.

Whats with the change in registrations???

I tried to register today and found out it was locked :frowning:

I’ve been busy at my new job and figured I could do it today but oh well.

I don’t care about the extra charge really, I just don’t want to have to travel there on Friday night to register. Is it possible for me to register early Saturday morning?

Relax. On-site registration will be $30 (for everyone).

This was our bad, no question. Ponder closed signups “on July 12th” but earlier than might be reasonably expected, leaving some people feeling stuck.

What we’re doing about it:

–As apology, the higher (45$) day-of registration fee will be eliminated, so anyone that shows up will still get the 30$ price as if they had registered in advance.

–We’re making the last signup page (for EVO Finals) explicit, with a 12:01am PST cutoff time.

–We have a few more happy surprises for you, at East and beyond. Though there are a lot of rough edges, we really are working hard to make this the best year our community has ever seen. Thanks to everybody who’s coming out–West was a ton of fun and I think East is actually going to be even better.