EVO STAFF ALERT: Thursday reservations are SOLD OUT at Red Rock

EDIT 2 SATURDAY 7pm: I just called the Red Rock AGAIN to reserve my room for Thursday, they told me it’s still booked! I asked how can that be when I know somebody on the forums posted that they reserved last night? She looked in the computer and said oh wait, looks like originally there were only 32 available, but now 36 are booked at that rate, so they must have added 4 new rooms. BUT they’re all booked now so I can’t get a room on Thursday.

What the fuck?!?!?

EDIT: I just notified Seth Killian and he is calling the Red Rock to resolve this.


I just called Red Rock to reserve my hotel room, and they said they can do it for Friday-Sunday but that all of the EVO reserved rooms for Thursday are sold out.

They offered me the exact same $139 room for $299. I declined.

I asked them what I should do, and they said I should alert EVO staff and have them call the hotel, and reserve more rooms at the lower, discounted rate. I told her I would do so.

So as it stands, a LOT of people are going to need somewhere to stay Thursday if this doesn’t get resolved.

Not freaking out, just wanted to notify you guys ASAP!

Hope theres some resolution to this.

Alot of us are driving from norcal early so we can get some rest otherwise our performace isnt as good. Just watch crizzle in his matches during final 8. Guy was obviously tired but the day before his opponents got RAPED.

Hey, just to let you know, I booked my room as of 9:30pm tonight, and didn’t have any problem, so either things were cleared up, or you just happened to get the wrong person at the wrong time. Seems all is good! :wink:

I’ll have to call tomorrow, I notified Seth, Mr Wizard and Ponder today, so maybe between the 3 of them it was fixed!


Nothing is fixed. Red Rock only added 4 rooms and they are already booked.

EVO STAFF you need to call them again and get on this shit!

My same post as the stickied thread:

OMFG I am so pissed right now, I just bought plane tickets and also registered for Evo and EXPECTED I would get rooms for the hotel because the Evo2k site said I would get the special rate as long as I book it before August 1st, so I would expect that there would still be room right now since its only the 24th. I guess its my fault that I didn’t check this thread before I bought everything? I wouldn’t have even went if there wasn’t the special rate and splitting with people god dammit. Now wtf am I gonna do, I want to stay at the same hotel to make everythign alot easier and save transportation money since this hotel is like in a deserted area.

EVO STAFFS PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I’m not the ONLY one who’s screwed this way, I know at least 8 of my other friends are having the same problem.

^ if the discounted rates don’t happen I don’t think I can get people to go with me :frowning:

Im working on the problem, but there is another event there on thursday night (some ultimate fighting thing) and they are being hard to open up rooms at that rate, we are trying our best to get more rooms at that rate.

Update: We’re working on getting more rooms for Thursday, but it may take some time. As many of you already know, this is complicated by the fact that the UFC booked an event for Thursday night (see http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=2981) after we’d signed our contract with the Red Rock.

There are still rooms available for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the reduced rate. The “Evolution 2K” rate for Thursday night is $139 compared to the standard rate of $299 (a $160 increase). You may want to consider booking your stay now anyway in case the weekend rooms run out as well (Fri thru Sun @ “Evolution 2K” rate is $477. The standard Red Rock rate is $1237)

I’ll keep posting to this thread as updates become available.

Thanks for doing something about it immediately, I wonder if I can book rooms for Friday - Sunday right now and then once they open up more for Thurs then I’ll add in another day for Thursday as well @ the special rate?

Yeah, that’s a good idea. If you can, you should reserve whatever they have available now (Fri-Sat) and hope Thurs opens up later.

Rooms Available Again!!

I just called and spoke to a lady(very nice, btw) and asked if i could do that, book rooms from fri-sun then add thurs once it was available. She said that there’s no problem with that but the additional room would be for the going rate.

I explained the situation with evolution and she had thought the entire evolution block was booked. I said that there should still be rooms available fri-sun. She double checked the contract and said there are rooms available, even THURSDAY!

Problem solved, she remembers it being completely booked but Evo staff must have renegotiated the contract. Thanks!

I booked it right away incase they are sold out and inquired about cancellation. You’re charged the first night’s stay when you reserve your room and if you cancel 48 hours prior to your stay, you get a FULL REFUND!

Price Breakdown:
Thursday: 139
Friday: 169
Saturday: 169
Sunday: 139

Sub-Total: 616
Resort Fee: 79.96 (19.99 a night!!)
Tax: 55.44 (9% TAX!!! O_O?!)

Total: 751.40

i got the same price when i booked last week so it looks like the problem is fixed.

now, time to buy some UFC tickets! its gonna be a good fight.

how much are ufc tix?

The website says they’re on sale. But the only thing that’s available that I see are


Tickets for this event are at Mandalay Bay the weekend after Evo. Tehy range from $100 to $750 a ticket depending on how close you are to the ring. So figure around that. All shows in Vegas are usually around a minimum of $100.


^-- $100 minimum, evidently. I imagine you could find some way to get cheaper tickets, hopefully.

cant find anything cheaper, not even on ebay :sad:

i just called… and uhh… only thing available is fri sat sun…

they offered thursday for 299 though…

seriously… this shit is stupid…

that’s weird, I just reserved it a couple of hours ago fine. Maybe try to mentioned that you know someone that just got it earlier today

Just called as well (Bitchy lady with an attitude). Told her about my friday through Sunday Reservation and before I could even mention Thursday, she told me that Thursday was COMPLETELY booked. Quoting her “We are completely booked for Thursday. Only possibility of getting a thursday is if someone cancels.”