Evo staff: back away from the players!


Got your attention with the title didn’t I? :slight_smile: Good, continue reading…

Can somebody from the EVO staff put a yellow line or something behind the players that are playing? Why the hell is there a large ass crowd standing/sitting behind the players that are playing a foot away. WTF. There should be a specific distance as to how close the spectators can stand/sit near the players that are playing!!

Go put your ass in a chair. Watch the projector. There’s no need to STAND/SIT so damn close to the players!

You organizers know that when FINALS come, these crowds will be filled with IDIOTS who will try and fuck with the foreigners right?


You will have JWONG or PR BALROG fan boys will scream and jump up on the foreigner’s side to fuck them up.


It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you organizers don’t take this shit into consideration, I hope when finals come, mad foreigners will bitch like crazy when they lose.

EVO is the biggest tournament out there and only happens ONCE a year. Don’t ruin it for the foreigners!!!


P.S Everything is looking great!! Just the players being so fucking close to the players is what I got a problem with. People didn’t fly all the way over here to get fucked over because EVO staff can’t even tell the spectators to back the hell up a little bit!!


I’d put that down as a non-gameplay rule violation in the Evo rules, meaning it’s down to the player to report it before the match starts.

But the judge could penalize the spectators too if they disrupt play:


Mang… If evo staff think like you then EVO is fucked.

At a time like this, you don’t got time to WAIT and see what’s gonna happen.


If you gotta tell the spectators to move the hell back, then do it, don’t wait and see if any rules will be broken during or before matches…


Just saying, if I’m sat at P1 and P2 has a crowd around him, and he chooses not to complain til after the match has started, then he’s only got himself to blame.
It’s YOUR match, not the judges, so if you aren’t happy, you speak up. Gotta take responsibility for yourself.

Like I said above though, if it’s more than just people standing too close to you, and it’s actually disruptive, then yeah, judges.


I didn’t fly all the way over here to get fucked out due to some douchebags standing so close to me while screaming and jumping up and down during finals… GTFO here…

I paid to enjoy participating in the largest fighting game tournament once a year and the organizers for their services. I didn’t fly over here to lose in the finals with 1 pixel to my opponent’s health but I couldn’t kill him cuz I fucked up the motion or w/e reason because idiots are standing behind me screaming/stomping during FINALS…

Ye, if a player chooses not to say shit, it’s his fault right? Lots of players don’t want any drama so they will hesitate to speak up about spectators standing too close n shit. It is the organizers’ responsibility to make the tournament FAIR AND ENJOYABLE PERIOD!!!

I’m the manager of a hotel… A guest spills water in the hallway… other guests are walking by and some almost slipped. They looked at me like I should do something about the spill but since they don’t say anything I will look at them and say "well mofos, since you fools choose not to complain about the water spill in the hallway, if you slip, you only got ya’ll to blame…

I’m done talking to you. I don’t even know why the hell I have to go in depth detail for your ass.

If Wizard or somebody else disagrees then come on in…

Every year I got to make sure no stupid shits happen lol… I aint even an evo staff. I just don’t want there to be any excuses when it’s all said and done.


Should probably speak up then. Last I checked they were judges, not mommies :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t know about you, but having a large crowd watch my matches gives me more confidence…


A bit late to respond but I’m going to side with OP here. I don’t see why anybody would not hold the Evolution staff to the highest standards when we all pay good money to come to what is objectively the most prestigious event of the year. It’s literally their job to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible and that means ensuring that players feel comfortable when competing to play their best. Players shouldn’t have to speak up because the TO and staff should already have the crowd under control. For example, tennis players at Wimbledon don’t have to address the audience and ask for quiet when the ball is in play because the Wimbledon staff ensures it. Stop making excuses.


It’s not tennis, and it’s not a hotel. It’s competitive gaming. You pay good money and fly halfway around the world to be around other players. If other players are disrupting play, they are dealt with by the judges, as required by the rules, but if you’re merely intimidated by the proximity of others, and it’s not affecting gameplay, then it’s down to preference. Some players like it, arcade and club fighters often feed off it. If you don’t, you have to report it.
If you let it pass and then have the nerve to accuse the crowd of causing you to lose, you only have yourself to blame for not speaking up. Before the match you have a right to not continue if somethings bothering you, so do it.
Would you still complain to the crowd if they were “too close” and you won? Would you throw your next match, in honor of the other player?


The main point I’d like to make is it’s better for judges to take initiative and make some room for players to breathe. Of course now Evo is over and I’ve seen how the audience can be completely respectful of players during their matches, but one errant scream by an overly hyped audience member right behind a player can throw off the player’s concentration just long enough. You’re right that it is not exactly tennis but also you should acknowledge that the majority of this generation’s attendees are probably not the same breed of players who grew up in ultra competitive local arcades.


You’d be surprised, club and arcade fighting is alive and well at all levels. Not for everyone, I know, but I wouldn’t turn up to EVO, a Major or even a weekly and expect people to leave me alone, simply because I wasn’t used to it. The environment is part of what you’re paying for and if you want to play competitively it’s something you’ll want to practice for too.
If you want a sporting comparison; here’s a snippet of the KoF scene up here in Glasgow, Scotland…sounds more like a soccer crowd :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude Im not sure you understand fighting games for money, you may need to go back to starcraft Dota or League MLG this or that because fighting games are a different sort of bird. I threw my tourney for old SNK games and we had a crowd of people directly behind the players the whole time talking shit and sizing up the competition. Its just the way that the creature is man. Sorry you didn’t like it but that’s just the way fighting game tourneys work, and for the record no one is directly hassled in the tourney at all ever, I am a judge every year and that shit wouldn’t fly that’s how you get socked in the lip. Go in person next time and see how it works first hand.


I’m a little late, but I’m just going to leave this picture here for future reference and keep moving.
Fighting games aren’t tennis, the spectator perimeter, unless the match, is on stage is essentially nonexistent and has been as long as arcades have existed.
We were packed around a machine this deep the first day SF2 world warriors came out. I had to fight my way through a crowd of people to see what the game looked like for the first time.


Since this thread popped up again, it just occurred to me: Was this thread originally in reference to something specific that happened this year? Or was this a preemptive concern? I only ask because in all the time I’ve been to Evo, I have never noticed a real problem with this sort of thing yet. I’ve been in pools with top players before, and have been close proximity to where other big names like Daigo have been up, and I’ve never seen this become a problem yet.

The only people I’ve seen who have ever gotten booed are Filipino Champ and the guy who won Injustice in 2013 with Superman (both on finals day). Sure, people can get hyped in pools, but mostly this is when their friends play, and it’s almost always directed exclusively at them. If a player doesn’t like the noise they can throw on the headphones that Evo staff provide, and if it goes beyond that, then the rules look pretty clear that the disrupting party will get disqualified. Has anyone actually had a problem with match disruption in the past?


OG style!