Evo staff GAVE AWAY my friend's PS2 slim!

Alright, where to begin, hmm? All of you Evo go-ers know what I’m talking about.

I think I’ll start with the worst part of the whole ordeal.

If we will recall day 1 (Friday, the actual tournament start), when Evo asked for PS2 systems, my friend decided he’d lend his slim PS2 to the Evo staff to use for tournaments. It was cool at that moment because they gave both my friends and I free t-shirts worth $20 each (if you didn’t steal one from the boxes sitting out in the open). We were happy to help. On the night of day 2 however, we wanted the PS2 back so we could play on some BYOC t.v.'s. So I go to the staff area to get my friend’s PS2 back and ask (Mick was it? It wasn’t Wizard, but the other guy. He was wearing a green shirt) if it was possible to get the PS2 back at the moment. If it was being used, that was fine and they could still use it, but we just wanted to know where it was and if it was available so we could do some BYOC.

Get this, Mick(?) tells me he doesn’t know what I’m talking about and he absolutely cannot help me. The first words that came to my mind was “What a dick!” Anyways, I still tried to keep cool and replied saying that we gave it to them to use the day before and that they had it. He then just blows me off by telling me he can’t help me because he didn’t take posession of it.

Alright, now I’m pissed. I was told to find one of two people to find out about the PS2 and Mick(?) was one of them. Now I go and find Wizard. He was helpful that night. He went around looking for it, but alas, no luck. He told me that they’d have it the next day and it would not be in use so we could get it then. I said that was fine.

Day 3, a highly anticipated day for my friends and I because we were excited to see the Street Fighter movie, which was a lie because there was none. Anyways, we enter the Grand Events room and we go to the staff area and ask for the PS2. Here we go, ready?

The guy we talk to, goes and asks Wizard about it, comes back, and tells us they gave the PS2 back already! Immediately, a giant “WHAT THE FUCK!” Comes to my mind. We tell the guy that we never received it and they gave it to the wrong person.

I asked if they even check the name tags or, better yet, the driver’s license. No reply. There was more debating between the staff member and Wizard next, then they offered us one of their used PS2’s. They asked if we would accept a fat PS2 instead in case they didn’t have any slim’s which was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard.

We ended up getting a working slim PS2, though if the given away ps2 were mine, I’d demand $250 for a new one. I’m sure my friends are going to read this as well and tell me how they didn’t mind or something, but they are very forgiving. Honestly, this is not the way to treat your paying guests.

Now, for a list of more let downs:

  1. No inclination that you were at the right place until you reached the bracket table sitting out front of the doors to the grand events room.

  2. Noone had any idea of what to do once inside the room. Apparently we were suppose to know where and who to go to in order to turn in the video camera form and receive our name tags.

  3. They WAITED for participants to show up to fight in their pools for as long as 45 minutes at the beginning. They EVENTUALLY got the right idea and made it so if you were not there within five minutes of your pool’s time to start, you were “D-d-d-d-dis-qualified!”

  4. The whole PS2 given away by Evo staff themselves thing

  5. Lack of organization

  6. Rules were not enforced

  7. Not prepared (needed to rely on other people’s PS2’s)

  8. No Street Fighter Movie

Ubisoft did a better job of holding their Xbox Halo tournament. Too bad the guy running THAT wasn’t running Evo.

Evo had everything bad that happened to them coming to them. I saw loads of systems, wires, and games in an open corner, WAITING to be stolen. The way Evo staff was giving things away, I could’ve said everything was mine and walked out with it all.

It’s too bad that my first time attending a convention like this had to be such a shitty experience. I won’t think twice about not going to Evo ever again.

My Rating: :lame: :tdown: :sad:


There was the Street Fighter Generations movie shown. Due to time constraints it was not shown when originally scheduled. But it was indeed shown on Sunday night at the very end of the day.

“Do you want to borrow my bucket?”

Ah, thanks for disproving only one of my complaints of Evo.

You know what happened? We left before the Street Fighter movie was shown and we stayed until the end of the day. We watched the Third Strike finals. We watched the NKI Volume XIII movie. Then, they said, “Uh, the Street Fighter movie is still being delivered. It uh…may take one minute…five minutes…a half hour…so uh…if you want to stick around and we can find something for you to do or uh…thanks for coming…I guess…”

We had to be at the bus station at 1 a.m. Monday morning. We had no time to sit around and listen to more bullshit from Evo.

So don’t fuck with me MarkMan. The Street Fighter movie was going to be the highlight of my Sunday fucking night.

Who was fuckin’ with you? I’m just telling you it was shown. Have some common courtesy and post with some respect. Did you take offense to that quote? It’s a joke for those who have actually SEEN the movie, not to insult you in any way.

haha screaming over a sunday night street fighter movie.

I think you were better off missing the movie. It was horrible by itself. :arazz:

But, seeing it with everybody all together and ragging on it MST:3K style I guess made up for it. :razzy:

I never saw Street Fighter: The Movie (live action film with Van Damme). I wonder which one is worse. :wonder:

bullshit, if you guys got shirts, where are the ones who lent ps2’s too? what is this unfair justice wizard? I wanna know. NOW PLEASE

damn that sucks man :frowning:

theres not much to say about that. hopefully some staffer can come in here and clear it up or do whatever seeing that it might affect people’s willingness to lend out things in the future.

What a whiney little bitch you are. Go watch the Alpha movie and fucking dream about the new one you baby.

Sorry to hear about your PS2.

dude, that would suck. loaning a PS2, thinking your doing them a favor, then they lose it and don’t seem super helpful/apolegetic. sure, he got a PS2 in the end, but it wasn’t HIS PS2. Who knows what’s wrong with the one he got… Could be on it’s las legs for all he knows…

Evo has officially turned to shit. they need to get rid of console and bring back cabinets. then AND ONLY THEN, will Evo actually have a chance at being a decent/good tournament.

You are tripping Symbolic. That console vs Arcade machine myth was disapproved last year when all the people that complained about it, still showed up and had a great time! And this console vs arcade machine is just a dumb debate. nuff said

First off, did you mark your slim PS2 as yours in any defining way? If you didn’t, that could’ve solved your problem right there.

I also lent my slim ps2 on Saturday after I heard the announcement that they needed ps2s, and I came asking about it. I heard about the PS2 failure, so I decided to lend mine for that day. But before that, I made sure that I marked it with a piece of paper saying “kenmastersX” and taped it on the ps2. If there were total assholes, they would’ve ripped it off but no one did.

After the semis were done, I went to Wizard and he said he didn’t remember getting the ps2, but I told him that mine was the one with the label of my name, and got it right away.

Yo, MarkMan, sorry for snapping. We just got back TODAY at 6:45 a.m. from the bus ride from Vegas to Omaha, Nebraska. I was really tired because I couldn’t get much sleep on the bus. I have just slept and I feel better lol. Sorry for snapping on you.

And Kenmasterx, of course we labelled our ps2. Heh, it had a BIG masking taped area on the side with his name and how to reach him (phone #). Evo did a terrible job. There is no denying that.

And Marn. Hehe, the staff member who took our PS2 was’t Wizard. He just offered us shirts. But yeah, that kinda sucks. Maybe you lent yours a little too late…like after they realized people had stolen a whole bunch already.

Tado: it was me who took it, I’m pretty sure. Tell your friend to PM me or PM me for him. I’ll take care of the sitaution.

  • James

just for the record, the reason for not showing the anime sf generations on friday night was Mangas fault, they didnt have the disc when they showed up, so it forced us to reschedule it to sunday.


if you were to ask 250 for a ps2 i would just say fuck you and give you a different one. what a dick.