Evo staff GAVE AWAY my friend's PS2 slim!


if you were to ask 250 for a ps2 i would just say fuck you and give you a different one. what a dick.

how about u loan me your slim PS2 (probably 6mo old), i’ll say I lost it, and when you want some type of compensation, i’ll say fuck u and give you a fat, refurbished, first generation PS2 instead. haha. fuck off.

people should replace things they lose with a) a new version or b) moneys worth, or not borrow them at all.

waste of a post, next time just dont bother.

But slim PS2s are 150…

See, this is why I hate talking to most gamers. They never think before they do anything. azn has a good head on his shoulders though. so does Mullah. But the one’s I’m really talking about are people like The_Reno and AkumaTX. They don’t understand anything that is beyond their nose.


All I said was that it was 150! What the fuck are you bitching at me for?

hahaha i heard that the US manga producer was there or someshit watching the viewing as well, and he was hella pissed when we were all laughing at it

OUCH! Oh man! I wish I could’ve gotten video footage of that. (The guy watching that is)

please reply to the pms sent so we can rectify the situation. we dont want anyone to go away unhappy.


video footage of that would make my night… moreso than the neko group barging into a halo room video.


But anyways, on the topic of booing things, if the SF movie creator had any sense, he’d go into his own showing with the idea that maybe people won’t like it. It’s not our problem if it sucks or not. His original intent should have been to be ready to receive criticism, or else why did he come in the first place?

Whenever I give my art or stories to people, I expect the worst. What happens next can only make you feel better.

Booing the companies that support Evo is not the same as booing the company who supported Evo by paying for the entire venue? Your point is confusing. Booing Halo players was basically the same as booing MLG, who happened to be the main sponsor, not just a partner in the event. MLG has been attempting to support the fighting game community by adding Tekken 5 this year and helping out tournaments like Texas Showdown 5 and Evolution. You’re saying we should be nice and woo potential sponsors while at the same time boo and sling mud at the people who are currently sponsoring us now. If the crowd is showing disrespect to one sponsor, why would other sponsors even consider helping next time? I mean what is this, sponsorship prejudice?

Capcom is not coming to the rescue here, they were barely involved with the scene to begin with. I know that any help I got for Texas Showdown was mainly from local businesses. Bottomline, when people say they want sponsorship, you want money to help you out with an event. You usually don’t want to be picky about where it comes from, and MLG is at least involved with video games and video game tournaments, I don’t understand the hate simply because their main game is Halo 2. Anything progress I made with trying to open the door for more fighting games to be sponsored and supported by groups like MLG was just about thrown out the window with the childish antics displayed by the Evo crowd! Does everybody not realize that Evo was getting respect from all angles from the Halo crowd? The MLG staff was impressed with Evo! So what do we do, we boo them and spit in their faces, way to go guys! Way to draw in all those potential sponsors that also want to get booed and spit on! I must be really dumb to still have faith in the fighting game community, but I have always wanted to see it take off. Not just a few major tournaments in the summer, but an actual “professional” league.

The announcement of the Halo 2 prizes shouldn’t have been an insult, it should have been a wake up call. Its a known fact that Halo 2 is more popular. Its a known fact that sponsors love the media appeal the game gets. What do Street Fighter/Tekken players do? We slam on controls, scream at each other, talk shit, etc. Not that its a bad thing, it looks great on TV, but it carries over into everything else. You want to talk about professionalism and respect? It starts at home. If players want to cry about wanting money from companies, bigger prizes, etc., you gotta make it look like you can be worked with. Every company I’ve talked to believes that the fighting game community is too closed off to be cooperative. MLG is almost at the point to where it agrees. And if they do decide to drop fighting games, there goes possibly the best shot at a big time sponsorship we will have. Most of these major tournaments are run out of the pockets of the guys who run it, with not much help from these sponsors you guys would accept. Capcom? Maybe some posters and postcards. Namco runs most of their own stuff. Sammy USA is not coming either. Monetary help? Has any of those companies actually given money to a tournament they didn’t actually handle, much less paid for a venue without wanting a chunk of the fees the outside tournament collects?

I agree that some things could have been done better, spacing, more equipment, etc. But you wanna put all that blame and hate on MLG? In my opinion it was simply a learning experience. Evo was 2-3x the size of Showdown, obviously they underestimated the amount of attendees. Same goes for the amount of equipment needed. Look at it this way, people are upset or jealous about the money Halo 2 players make? Then either go and play Halo(for all those who keep saying how easy it is, you heard how much money they get, why not try it yourself?), or go get a real job! Cause right now, the largest Street Fighter tournament in America is paying about 2k at most. For a once a year check, thats really gonna last long. If you’re just in it for fun, then disregard this entire post, because you won’t care, nor really be involved with any future considerations with sponsoring Street Fighter. For those who are seriously interested in making some money, possibly Halo 2 type money, then we as a community need to clean up our image. What company in their right mind is going to give away money to a group of childish stubborn clowns? You want companies to show you the money? Then you gotta show that you deserve the money. We brag about drawing 350+ for 3rd Strike, and about 7-800 for the entire event. MLG averages 450 participants at each MONTHLY event. MLG was impressed with Evo, but not overwhelmed. Booing may of gave you guys a laugh, but will you still be laughing when sponsors drop out and tournaments die off? Fuck Halo? Fuck MLG? What you’re really saying is Fuck any chance of Street Fighter getting any sponsorship and fuck big money prizes. Good job everybody!

Chris Chou

Tekken is scheduled to be given $25,000 in prizes during the rest of MLG’s season.

The Halo booing was pretty dumb… They did cheer the winners though! ^…^

Ahaha! You’re an Xbox lover! Actually, I’m gonna get Xbox 360 when it comes out and I’m getting the PS3 when that comes out as well. Then I’ll be holding tournaments at my college. Should be fun.

Ranma0005: In all honesty, I think we can chock up the boo’ing to friendly rivalry. There were no fist fights of any sort, no name calling (that I saw) and really no real tension between the Street Fighter and Halo players. The real problem was the atmosphere. Within Evolutions three or four year existence, suddenly 500 other FPS gamers were taking up 60 or so percent of the whole venue, when we were under the impression that this was a tournament dedicated SOLELY to fighting games. As a matter of fact, most people think of Evolution as the last great fighting game tournament held each year in the US. I’m sure when everyone saw that Halo had taken over as the prime game at the GVR, many feathers were ruffled.

Suddenly we (the fighting gamers) were shuffled off to 1/3 of the whole room while Halo players were able to kick their feet up and sip a bud. While I was standing on chairs to catch one game of CvS2, Halo gamers were confortably playing there game with little to no tension between players. When we were urged to thank these guys for showing up and sponsoring what we considered “our” few days of fighting game bliss, we instead showed our antimosity towards our fellow gamers and let them know why we were really their in the first place. Mind you, I am one of the rare gamers around here that loves competetive fighting games and loves Halo 2. I think both genres are brilliant, and I was quite happy to have both sides of the competetive spectrum in one room. I wasn’t happy, however, that the “main” games (i.e. the fighting games) were being shuffled off by other gamers that had nothing to do with our tournament. It was really nice to have sponsorship by MLG, and I hope next year we can make it work to our advantage, but I can really see why the crowd showed their distaste towards the Halo players when we were basically the “other” tournament this year.

P.S. I clapped for Halo 2. shrugs

wow the ps2 situation was pretty weak. i’d be pissed too and on top of that i’d definitely want a new ps2. at least they got it fixed so that’s good.

It’s not the Evo staff you should be pissed at, it’s the lame person that showed up, claiming to be you and took the PS2. The Evo staff got screwed over just like you did.

Wizard have you seen my PS2? I’ve sent 2pms to you about it and haven’t heard a thing. I hope mine didn’t get lost or stolen. Mine was the pink sakura one with GG#R Korean Version. Let me know something. I’m worried about my PS2 after hearing this story.

I do agree that your PS2 being “stolen” or given to the wrong person is completely BS. They SUPPOSE to be writing down the serial numbers of the console to keep all of the consoles in check. (Making a list of which serial number belongs to which person of the name of an ID, i.e. Driver License.)

That was uncalled for. I won’t be lending mine there if I ever go to EVO. Mine is modded, so I can’t get it regular price. It cost a PS2 (of the right seriall number series that can be safely modded) + chip + possible Labor charge. (I don’t have the tools for it. Have to have someone else do it for me)