EVO stick question

I’m taking my moded hrap2 to Evo this year and I remember hearing you have to be able to disable the start button to prevent accidental pause during matches. Is this nesisary? What about the turbo buttons, do I have to disable them? And I’m assuming sf3 will be being played on the ps2 right.

Its only necessary if you dont want to get DQ’ed for pausing a match. And if you dont want to lose because you hit a turbo switch on accident. You can check the Evo page for more details.

But most importantly…this thread is in the wrong place. Try FG discussion. :wgrin:

I scoured the Evo page and didnt find what I was looking for. That’s why I made this post. I figured the tournament thread was the right place, or the general discussion but I picked this 1.