Evo Stick Sack

anyone grab some and have any extra’s?

I had 140 on hand and sold all of them in 5 minutes. When I made the announcement, everyone stormed and line up. Although there were a ton of people, everyone was polite and actually stayed in single file line. I love it.

i was mad cuz i had the money but did not go to atm that morning (stupidly) and im pretty sure i would have gotten a laugh in the face if i would have tried to use debit

hopefully we see another run next year

Damn, i couldnt make it to Evo and i couldn’t grab the bag when it was out because i didnt get my check deposited in time before they sold out online >_<

you should see if there are any hidden somewhere where you might have forgotten you had them and let me know ^^

Still lookin for one, if anyone has let me know.

Just gotta wonder…why do you need it within 2 weeks?

My brothers birthday is august 20th and he leave to go to new york on the 24th for a con which he is going to attend a SF4 tournament. Since he is only 16, he cant make any online purchases (parents wont let him) so im buying for him as his bday gift.

had to wait till payday and now there sold out i checked ebay and they had nothing is there anywhere i can get

I have a spare bag, but I kind of like it so I’ll part with it for a markup + shipping. PM / Email me if you’re interested in negotiating.

[edit] maybe its better if I put it up on ebay and let whoever wants it duke it out via bidding. I dunno, i’ll consider it tomorrow since I have work all night starting in abit.