Evo stick sacks

I apologize in advance if this thread is posted elsewhere, in which case, you may post that information and I will delete this.

Roughly when are we to receive our Evo stick sacks? Its been roughly 4-6 weeks I believe since I ordered mine and I have not received any information or tracking regarding the progress of the items shipped.

Please Advise.


Contact MrWizard…he can get you the info you need.

I’d like to hijack this thread since it has a convenient title.

I met with many players during EVO that were disheartened that the sacks sold out so quickly. Most of them assumed they’d get a better deal at evo so they did not buy them online since they would only need the stick during and after EVO.

(its their own fault for sleeping in) I’m just sure theres still a demand for them and am wondering if there will be a re-release online at some point.

Thanks Geese, I’ll do that.