Evo Stick


Hey guys, I’ve been getting back into fighters and for the longest time I have wanted to order myself a fight stick. I wanted to get a madcatz stick, but I’m really not into the sfxt art. While browsing the website, I then came across the evo stick, and It is the one I want. The only worry I have is that I have heard the green “A” button on the 360 stick has had some problems, and that people are not getting sanwa buttons. Is this a real issue, or just one time mix up? Is it safe to order ther stick without worry it will be defective? Thanks all for your time and help.


If you want the evo stick then get the evo stick, its beautiful and Limited Edition. If you do get the wrong button, they’ll quickly send you a replacement for it. You wont void your warranty so dont worry about that either.


Yeah, MadCatz Customer support is awesome. They’ll quickly get a replacement button out to you if that does happen.